Captain's Log of the Queen's Reprisal

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  • Captain's Log of the Queen's Reprisal
  • Quest Item
  • <Right Click to Read>
  • "Most of the log's pages are damaged, the writing ruined by the water. However, a few snippets of text here and there have survived."


This item is found in Captain's Foot Locker of the sunken ship Queen's Reprisal in Azsuna.


<... ing Legion repelled from Orgrim...>

<... on the Broken Shore. I have every faith that my crew will bring glory to the forsaken and make the Dark Lady proud. We're half a da...>

<... barely survived. Queen Sylvanas has ordered the fleet to make way for Stormheim. I have a staff meeting with Admiral Harker on the Windrunner in an h...>

<... teresting to be certain. The queen is going to steal the very power of the v... or herself!>

<... separated by a massive storm. I've given the order to batten down the hatches and weather it. There's no sign of the fleet. Once the... [illegible text] ... we'll catch up and rendezvous at the...>

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