Captain Asther

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HordeCaptain Asther
Image of Captain Asther
Gender Male
Race Forsaken (Humanoid)
Level 10
Health 198
Reaction Unfriendly
Occupation Captain
Location Stagecoach Crash Site, Gilneas
Status Deceased

Captain Asther is a Forsaken captain who led a squadron of Forsaken infantry consisting of Forsaken Soldiers and a Forsaken Catapult, during the invasion of Gilneas. When he arrived to the Stagecoach Crash Site, his force was attacked by the ettin Koroth the Hillbreaker, who thought that Asther had stolen his banner (the banner was stolen by the worgen adventurers at the command of prince Liam Greymane and planted before the Forsaken), and was likely slain along with his whole squadron.


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