Captain Blackcrag

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AllianceCaptain Blackcrag
Grothok Blackcrag

86 (Requires 85)




9g 80s


A [86] The Mission



Kill Grothok Blackcrag.


Have you seen the situation out there?

Those Horde dogs outnumber us three to one. We've got to do something!

The Horde captain, Grothok Blackcrag, led the enemy charge up the beach to our west.

Take him down, and the fleet will scatter in disarray.


You will receive:

  • 9g 80s
  • 110000 XP


This Horde vanguard stumbled on us by luck. From the look of their numbers, they're just as cut off from home as we are.

If we can destroy them here, they will not be able to call for help.


You did it, <race>. The Horde are backing off. A resounding victory.


Pick up A [86] Tipping the Scales, A [86] Fighting the Flames, and A [86] They Came From Behind! before heading out.

Hozen Ravagers are level 84 hozen with 135000 health. Players are required to do at least 50% of the damage to get quest credit, so get out away from the landing. Take out twelve. Use the quest item to put out fires in the landing. It acts like a ground-targeted AoE.

Head west to reach the Silken Shore. Start killing orcs swimming ashore and keep an eye out for Blackcrag, a level 85 orc with 474,000 health, a shared tap, but no special abilities.

Turn in all four once done. After completing all four quests:

Grayson Early says: Yeee-haw, we drove them back!! That's right, monkeys, run your little tails off!
Grayson Early says: Looks like they couldn't handle the taste of Alliance steel. Good work, <name>.

Grayson and Rell Nightwind move into the building with Sajera Rani. All three offer quests.


  1. A [86] The King's Command
  2. A [86] The Mission
  3. A [86] They Came From Behind! & A [86] Captain Blackcrag & A [86] Tipping the Scales & A [86] Fighting the Flames
  4. Complete all of:

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