Captain Stef "Marrow" Quin

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MobCaptain Stef "Marrow" Quin
Image of Captain Stef "Marrow" Quin
Title <The Tropic Tempest>
Gender Female
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 110 - 120 Rare
Reaction Alliance Horde
Occupation Captain
Location Redsilt Wash, Vol'dun[41.4, 23.8]
Status Killable
Companion(s) Swainbeak

Captain Stef "Marrow" Quin is a human vignette located on a narrow sand bank at the Redsilt Wash in Vol'dun with her parrot companion First Mate Swainbeak. She was apparently the victim of a mutiny aboard a ship called the Great Horn.



When not in combat, Stef will periodically engage in the following conversation with Swainbeak:

Captain Stef "Marrow" Quin says: Leave my ship will they? You better believe I will rebuild the Great Horn and spear every last traitorous cur on the bowsprit!
Captain Stef "Marrow" Quin says: Absolutely useless pieces of filth!
First Mate Swainbeak says: Maybe if you hadn't told them so often. Awk!
Captain Stef "Marrow" Quin says: I was perfectly pleasant... until they didn't want to do what I said...
First Mate Swainbeak says: You people never learn.
Captain Stef "Marrow" Quin says: What do you mean, "you people"?

On aggro:

Captain Stef "Marrow" Quin says: HA! I've been looking for a chance to blow off a little steam!

At around 80% health, Swainbeak will fly high up into the air away from combat:

Captain Stef "Marrow" Quin yells: Back off, bird, I don't need your help!
First Mate Swainbeak says: Awk! All yours!

When Stef reaches around 75% health, Swainbeak will re-enter combat:

Captain Stef "Marrow" Quin yells: Get in here, Swainbeak, stop lazing about!

At around 50% health:

Captain Stef "Marrow" Quin says: Okay, ouch, you got me there.


Captain Stef "Marrow" Quin says: That booty... will always be mine...
Swainbeak flies off and despawns.
First Mate Swainbeak yells: Not Swainbeak's time! Awk!


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