Captured Demolitionist

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AllianceCaptured Demolitionist
Image of Captured Demolitionist
Race Gnome (Humanoid)
Level 4
Affiliation(s) Gnomeregan, McCree's Mountain Movers, Inc.
Location Frostmane Hold, Dun Morogh
Status Alive

Captured Demolitionists are level 4 gnomes who can be found in Frostmane Hold, where they have been imprisoned by the Rockjaw troggs who have taken over the area.


While imprisoned:

Please help me!
Don't let them eat me!
I don't want to die down here!
Some help! Anyone!

Upon being freed:

I'm free! I'm really free!
Finally, someone who's not a trogg!
Thanks. Now, let's blow up that cave!
I don't ever want to smell unwashed trogg again!
You have no idea how happy I am to see you!
Thank you for breaking me out of here!

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