Card Trader Ami

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HordeCard Trader Ami
Image of Card Trader Ami
Gender Female
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Level 120
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Brawl'gar Arena[60.5, 78.8]
Status Alive

Card Trader Ami is a pandaren card collector found in Brawl'gar Arena within Orgrimmar. She allows access to Challenge Cards, which open battles new and old within the Brawler's Guild. Players may purchase cards from her after defeating Brawler's Guild bosses or completing quests.


Item Cost
 [Challenge Card: Ahoo'ru] 3g
 [Challenge Card: Ash'katzuum] 3g
 [Challenge Card: Blackmange] 3g
 [Challenge Card: Blat] 3g
 [Challenge Card: Bruce] 3g
 [Challenge Card: Farmer Xiang-Su] 3g
 [Challenge Card: Fran & Riddoh] 3g
 [Challenge Card: G.G. Engineering] 3g
 [Challenge Card: Grandpa Grumplefloot] 3g
 [Challenge Card: Hyper Mega-Mecha Seagull x9000] 3g
 [Challenge Card: Johnny Awesome] 3g
 [Challenge Card: Klunk] 3g
 [Challenge Card: Lord Sylysthrel] 3g
 [Challenge Card: Mama Stormstout] 3g
 [Challenge Card: Meatball] 3g
 [Challenge Card: Mecha-Bruce] 3g
 [Challenge Card: Millie Watt] 3g
 [Challenge Card: Mingus Diggs] 3g
 [Challenge Card: Nibbleh] 3g
 [Challenge Card: Ogrewatch] 3g
 [Challenge Card: Oso the Betrayer] 3g
 [Challenge Card: Ouroboros] 3g
 [Challenge Card: Phillip Carter Tracey] 3g
 [Challenge Card: Robe-Robber Robert] 3g
 [Challenge Card: Sanoriak] 3g
 [Challenge Card: Spymaster] 3g
 [Challenge Card: Stitches] 3g
 [Challenge Card: Strange Thing] 3g
 [Challenge Card: Thog Hammerspace] 3g
 [Challenge Card: Tidemistress Shellbreaker] 3g
 [Challenge Card: Warhammer Council] 3g
 [Mysterious Challenge Card] 3g




Found any rare cards lately? Bring them to me, and I'll add them to the collection.

Buy I'd like to purchase a challenge card.

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