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For the warrior talent, see [Carnage]. For the rogue TCG card, see Carnage (TCG ability).
Image of Carnage
Race Flesh Giant (Undead)
Level 25-30 Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Valhalas, Icecrown

Carnage is one of the challenges in the combat ring of Valhalas in Icecrown. He is possibly created by Dr. Terrible.


Geirrvif says: Carnage is coming! Remember, no matter what you do, do NOT leave the battle ring or I will disqualify you and your group.
Geirrvif yells: From the bowels of the Underhalls comes Carnage. Brave and foolish <name> has accepted the challenge. <name> and <his/her> group stand ready to face the monstrosity.
Lumbering in from the south, the smell of Carnage precedes him!
Geirrvif yells: The horror known as Carnage is no more. Could it be that <name> is truly worthy of battle in Valhalas? We shall see.


  • Smash — Inflicts 125% weapon damage.
  • War Stomp — Inflicts 2338 to 2662 Physical damage to nearby enemies and stuns them for 2 sec.

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