Cataclysm gems by stats

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This page is a specific article about Cataclysm gems.

Cross-reference table (simple)

This table will help buyers identify the type of gem they need to request or search for on the Auction House.

RedRedRed YellowYellowYellow BlueBlueBlue
Expertise Agility Intellect Strength Parry Critical Haste Mastery Dodge PVP Res. Hit PVP Power Spirit Stamina
Expertise Precise Crafty Wicked Keen Resolute Tenuous Accurate Guardian's
Agility Delicate Deadly Deft Adept Polished Lucent Glinting Assassin's Shifting
Intellect Brilliant Potent Reckless Artful Willful Veiled Mysterious Purified Timeless
Strength Bold Inscribed Fierce Skillful Champion's Resplendent Etched Tense Sovereign
Parry Flashing Fine Stalwart Splendid Retaliating Defender's
Critical Crafty Deadly Potent Inscribed Smooth Piercing Radiant Misty Jagged
Haste Wicked Deft Reckless Fierce Quick Lightning Shattered Energized Forceful
Mastery Keen Adept Artful Skillful Fine Fractured Sensei's Effulgent Zen Puissant
Dodge Resolute Polished Champion's Stalwart Subtle Nimble Regal
PVP Res. Tenuous Lucent Willful Resplendent Splendid Mystic Balanced Vivid Turbid Steady
Hit Accurate Glinting Veiled Etched Retaliating Piercing Lightning Sensei's Nimble Balanced Rigid Confounded
PVP Power Assassin's Mysterious Tense Radiant Shattered Effulgent Vivid Stormy
Spirit Purified Misty Energized Zen Turbid Sparkling
Stamina Guardian's Shifting Timeless Sovereign Defender's Jagged Forceful Puissant Regal Steady Confounded Solid