Catapult (WC1 Human)

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For lore about catapults, see Catapult.

WC1PHCatapult.gif     WC1Catapult.gif

Race Human
Hit Points 120
Armor 0
Attack Damage 255
Range 8
Decay Rate N/A
Production Related
Gold 900 Gold
Lumber 200 Lumber
Produced at Barracks
Requires Blacksmith and Lumber Mill
Build time 1000
Unlocked in Northshire Abbey
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This article contains lore or information taken from Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and/or its manual.

As the ultimate machine of war, the catapult brings fiery death to all who stand in its way. Capable of destroying any target in its range, the projectile from a catapult can smash the toughest of defenses, or through the sides of buildings. This behemoth is large, slow, and difficult to maneuver, but the power that it holds makes it an essential part of your forces.[1]


A human Catapult as seen in the Warcraft: Orcs & Humans Manual.

A Catapult is a very powerful unit which can tear down any structure in a matter of seconds. A single direct hit from a catapult can kill any unit (except Daemons/Water Elementals or a fully upgraded Knight/Raider). For maximum efficiency, Catapults are best placed behind the main army to provide both cover fire and extra firepower. A good strategy would involve attacking the enemy's base with Catapults and having a group of units to protect the Catapults. With the former's high range, the enemy's structures will be destroyed within seconds. The Catapult's disadvantages are that friendly fire is possible and that it is very slow and inaccurate.

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