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Catching His Eye

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AllianceCatching His Eye

94 (Requires 94)







Capture the All-Seeing Eye.


For what must be done, I need someone I can trust. You're one of those few.

The woods and the orc village, Gul'var, are protected from my scrying magic. We need to pierce that veil. I think I know a way.

There's a fel presence within the woods. A demonic watcher is there, hidden in a cave from which it casts its all-seeing gaze.

I would like for you and the warden to capture it.

On accept

Cordana Felsong says: I'm going ahead to the demon's lair. We'll capture it together.
Archmage Khadgar says: The priestess of the moon also has something to ask of you.


You will receive: 26g


We're going to capture the All-Seeing Eye and break its will.

This is the way that we'll be able to scry upon the Shadow Council at Gul'var without them knowing it's us.


As soon as we have enough blessed water from the priestess's moonwell, we'll break the demon's will and use it as a proxy to see into Gul'var.

That way, they won't know it's us scrying upon them.

But first, we need to weaken their shrouding magic.

On complete

Archmage Khadgar says: Together, we will defeat the Shadow Council.


  • 17800 XP


Pick up A [91] Shadowmoonwell before heading out. Head northwest into the Cursed Woods. Pick up the  [Chunk of Lunar Rock] in the lower pool, and feel free to kill rare sporebat Veloss in the upper pool. Get back to the road and head north. Cordana will call out:

Cordana Felsong says: Come on. This way. Follow her northwest to reach the Watcher's Den, where the All-Seeing Eye awaits.
Cordana Felsong says: In here.

Aggro it:

All-Seeing Eye says: I SEE YOU!
All-Seeing Eye yells: Not today, little <race>!

Get it to 10%:

All-Seeing Eye yells: NOOOOO!
Cordana Felsong says: Well done. I'll take it back to the outpost and see that it's secured.
Cordana Felsong says: Come, foul creature.

Head back to Starfall:

Cordana Felsong says: It'd be easier to guard you if you stayed out of sight, Khadgar.
Archmage Khadgar says: I am not a child to cower beneath your cape, Cordana.


  1. A [94] Meet Us at Starfall Outpost
  2. A [94] Catching His Eye
  3. A [94] Shrouding Stones
  4. A [94] Ominous Portents
  5. A [94] Soul Shards of Summoning
  6. A [94] Heart On Fire
  7. A [94] Forging the Soul Trap
  8. A [94] To Catch a Shadow

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