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This category contains overarching quest storylines for each zone in World of Warcraft.

Level Kalimdor Eastern Kingdoms
Start Goblin Troll Orc Tauren Draenei Night elf Worgen Human Gnome Dwarf Undead Blood elf
1-10 Kezan &
Lost Isles
Durotar Mulgore Azuremyst Isle Teldrassil Gilneas City &
Elwynn Forest Dun Morogh Tirisfal Glades Eversong
10-20 Azshara Northern Barrens Bloodmyst Isle Darkshore Westfall &
Redridge Mountains
Loch Modan Silverpine Forest Ghostlands
20-25 Ashenvale Duskwood Wetlands Hillsbrad Foothills
25-30 Stonetalon Mountains Northern Stranglethorn Arathi Highlands
30-35 Desolace Southern Barrens Cape of Stranglethorn Hinterlands
35-40 Feralas Dustwallow Marsh Western Plaguelands
40-45 Thousand Needles Eastern Plaguelands
45-50 Tanaris Felwood Badlands & Searing Gorge
50-55 Un'Goro Crater Winterspring Burning Steppes & Swamp of Sorrows
55-60 Silithus Blasted Lands
The Burning Crusade
Level Zones
58-63 Hellfire Peninsula
60-64 Zangarmarsh
62-65 Terokkar Forest
64-67 Nagrand
65-68 Blade's Edge Mountains
67-70 Netherstorm Shadowmoon Valley
Wrath of the Lich King
Level Zones
Death Knight
Plaguelands: The Scarlet Enclave
68-71 Borean Tundra Howling Fjord
71-74 Dragonblight
73-75 Grizzly Hills
74-77 Zul'Drak
76-78 Sholazar Basin
77-80 Icecrown Storm Peaks
Level Zones
80-82 Vashj'ir
(KF, SE, AD)
Mount Hyjal
82-83 Deepholm
83-84 Uldum
84-85 Twilight Highlands
Mists of Pandaria
Level Zones
The Wandering Isle
85-86 Jade Forest
86-87 Valley of the Four Winds Krasarang Wilds
87-88 Kun-Lai Summit
88-89 Townlong Steppes
89-90 Dread Wastes
90 Isle of Thunder
Warlords of Draenor
Level Zones
90 Intro experience
90-92 Horde Frostfire Ridge Alliance Shadowmoon Valley
92-94 Gorgrond
94-96 Talador
96-98 Spires of Arak
98-100 Nagrand
100 Tanaan Jungle
Level Zones
Demon Hunter
Mardum and Vault of the Wardens
98-100 Intro experience
100-110 Azsuna Highmountain Stormheim Val'sharah
110 Suramar
110 Broken Shore
110 Argus (Krokuun, Mac'Aree, Antoran Wastes)
Battle for Azeroth
Level Zones
110 Allied race recruitment
110-120 Alliance Tiragarde Sound Drustvar Stormsong Valley
110-120 Horde Zuldazar Nazmir Vol'dun

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