Cathedral of Eternal Night: Altar of the Aegis

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NeutralCathedral of Eternal Night: Altar of the Aegis

110 (Requires 110)





Defeat Lord Mephistroth and place the  [Aegis of Aggramar] upon the Altar of Eternal Night.


Champion, we are ready to assault the Tomb of Sargeras.

I studied the writings of Aegwynn, the Guardian who defeated the Dark Titan's avatar. She said that if her wards were compromised, a failsafe could be triggered by placing the Aegis of Aggramar upon an altar in the Cathedral of Eternal Night.

You are the hero who acquired the Pillars of Creation, <name>. Gather your allies and enter the Cathedral. Be warned: Mephistroth will use all his power to stop you from placing the Aegis. You must prevail!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv misc dust 01.png [Pure Arcane Powder] Trade archaeology crackedcrystalvial.png [Highborne Martyr's Blood]
Inv firearm 2h felfireraid d 01.png [Fel Command Beacon] Inv potion 33.png [Inferno Oil]
Item icecrownnecklacea.png [Heat Absorbing Prism] Inv misc candle 03.png [Untouched Holy Candle]
Inv misc statue 03.png [Moonstone Figurine] Inv misc herb 05.png [Mature Morrowsprout]
Inv misc wailingbone.png [Mephistroth's Rib] Spell nature lightningoverload.png [Condensed Storm's Fury]


There is little time. Mephistroth must be defeated, and the Cathedral of Eternal Night secured.


Mephistroth is dead and the Cathedral is secured, but the lower reaches of the Tomb remain in the hands of the Legion.

This is not the outcome we wanted, but this fight is far from over, <name>.

Do not relent. Give the Legion no quarter, no place to hide. When we are ready, we will take the Tomb and drive them from Azeroth!


On Accept

Velen turns to Illidan Stormrage.
Prophet Velen says: Illidan, convey the Aegis of Aggramar to the cathedral. I will descend into the tomb with Khadgar and hunt the monster down. Kil'jaeden's reign of destruction will soon be ended!
Maiev Shadowsong says: You are too quick to trust Illidan, Prophet. I will ensure he fulfills his duty.
Archmage Khadgar says: Right. We have our orders. Good luck.
The four hurry their way together out of the base.


  1. N [110] Armies of Legionfall
  2. N [110] Assault on Broken Shore
    1. N [110] Legionfall Supplies
    2. N [110] Begin Construction
    1. N [110] Aalgen Point
    2. N [110] Vengeance Point
  3. N [110] Champions of Legionfall
  4. N [110] Shard Times
  5. N [110] Mark of the Sentinax
  6. N [110] Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
  7. N [110] Intolerable Infestation
  8. N [110] Relieved of Their Valuables
  9. N [110] Take Out the Head...
  10. N [110] Championing Our Cause
  11. N [110] Strike Them Down

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