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The Caverns of Consumption is a secret area on the northernmost point of the coast of Winterspring. The  [Sun Darter Hatchling] pet can be found by those who can bypass the puzzles within.



The following items will be required in order to complete the puzzle:

Item Source BoP
 [Major Fire Protection Potion] Alchemists (360) No
 [Major Arcane Protection Potion] Alchemists (360) No
 [Major Frost Protection Potion] Alchemists (360) No
 [Major Holy Protection Potion] Alchemists (360) No
 [Major Shadow Protection Potion] Alchemists (360) No
 [Major Nature Protection Potion] Alchemists (360) No
10x  [Noggenfogger Elixir] Sold by Sprinkle Noggenfogger, Tanaris Yes
 [Scotty's Lucky Coin] Dropped by Scotty, Townlong Steppes Yes
 [Dire Brew] Mug of Dire Brew, Blackrock Depths Yes
 [Ethereal Oil] Alchemists (375) No
 [Gordok Ogre Suit] Quest in Dire Maul North ( [Ogre Tannin]), Tailors or Leatherworkers (275) No
 [Winterfall Firewater] Drop from Winterfall tribe furbolgs in Winterspring No
10x  [Pygmy Oil] Alchemists (375) No
 [Perky Pug] [Looking For Multitudes] Yes
 ["Little Princess" Costume] Pet vendors for 1x  [Polished Pet Charm] or 500x [Timeless Coin] (rare) No
 [Scroll of Intellect] Inscription (1), vendors (limited stock) No

Non-bind on pickup (BoP) items may also be found on the Auction House.

Elemental protection potions normally have a 2-minute duration, but while in the cave they last for 15 minutes. Each potion still shares a 1-minute cooldown with all the other potions, however.

Follow the guide carefully, else the puzzle may need to be restarted.

  1. Enter the Caverns of Consumption at [57, 16] on the Kalimdor map (north coast of Winterspring)
  2. Use a  [Major Fire Protection Potion] to get past the first barrier (fire/orange)
  3. Use the other protection potions ( [Major Arcane Protection Potion],  [Major Frost Protection Potion],  [Major Holy Protection Potion],  [Major Nature Protection Potion],  [Major Shadow Protection Potion]) to get past the second barrier (fel/green)
  4. Use  [Noggenfogger Elixir] until getting the skeleton buff to walk past the Diligent Watcher
  5. At the two-way split, go right and use  [Scotty's Lucky Coin] at the wall of vines
  6. Once transformed, enter the room and pick up the  [Water Stone] from the pool
  7. Backtrack to the split and use the Water Stone to get past the blue barrier
  8. Use  [Dire Brew] to walk past the Stone Watcher
  9. At the three-way split, go right and use  [Ethereal Oil] to get past the translucent/purple barrier
  10. Use  [Gordok Ogre Suit] and  [Winterfall Firewater], then click the Strange Stone and choose the Gossip <Place arm in hole> option to acquire the Sign of the Second buff
  11. Return to the three-way split, take the left fork, and use x10  [Pygmy Oil] to become a pygmy and reach the Wisdom Cube
  12. Summon the  [Perky Pug] and use the  ["Little Princess" Costume] on it, then interact with the cube and select Gossip <Place arm beneath cube> and acquire the Sign of the First buff
  13. Return to the three-way split, go towards the gate at the bottom
  14. Read the Tarnished Plaque!
  15. Cancel the Winterfall Firewater buff (right-click it), use  [Scroll of Intellect] and cross the water
  16. Loot the  [Sun Darter Hatchling] from the Oddly-Colored Egg


The puzzle was first solved by the WoW Secrets Discord.[1]


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