Celestial Defender

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Celestial Defender
Image of Celestial Defender
Race Constellar (Elemental)
Level ?? Elite
Health 2,442,363
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location The Thunder Forges, Isle of Thunder
Status Alive

Celestial Defender appears inside an instanced version of The Thunder Forges for the quest N [90] The Thunder Forge. It assists the player in protecting the Celestial Blacksmith.


  • Inv jewelcrafting starofelune 01.png  Astral Defense — Upon reaching a critical health threshold, a powerful defense mechanism is activated. This cannot be triggered more than once every 180 seconds. Instant. (3 min cooldown)
    • Achievement boss algalon 01.png  Celestial Restoration — The Celestial Defender activates a self defense mechanism, becoming immune to damage and healing itself for 3% of maximum health every 1 for 30 sec. 30 sec cast (Channeled)
  • Achievement dungeon ulduarraid misc 06.png  Astral Endurance — The celestial defender gains additional power the higher its health percentage is.
  • Spell nature reincarnation.png  Celestial Roar 35 yd range — The defender lets out a mighty roar, causing all nearby enemies to attack it. Instant.
  • Ability druid starfall.png  Celestial Storm 35 yd range — The defender gathers immense power and releases a barrage of stars on all enemies in the area. Instant. (2 min cooldown)
  • Inv weapon shortblade 92.png  Cosmic Slash 35 yd range — Slashes all targets in a cone, dealing damage and reducing damage output by 0% for 2 sec. Instant.
    • Ability druid starfall.png  Cosmic Slash 35 yd range — Slashes all targets in a cone, dealing damage and reducing damage output by 25% for 4 sec. Instant.
  • Spell mage runeofpower.png  Power Surge 90 yd range — The Celestial Defender unleashes a surge of power from the Thunder Forge, exposing an area of pure power. Players who stand in this area are healed and regenerate mana quickly. 20 sec cast (Channeled)
  • Spell frost stun.png  Star Slam 35 yd range — The defender leaps into the air and lands with a mighty slash on all targets in front of it. Instant. Stuns targets for 4 sec.


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