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Cesi Loosecannon

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NeutralCesi Loosecannon
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Title <Boss of Anyport>
Gender Female
Race Goblin (Humanoid)
Level 110 - 120
Health 56,950
Reaction Alliance
Location Anyport, Drustvar

Cesi Loosecannon is a goblin located in Anyport in Drustvar.



Crimson Forest
Cesi Loosecannon says: Look, we can still turn a profit out of here!
Shady Customer says: The Irontide are squeezing me for gold, Cesi. I'm hardly making ends meet.
Cesi Loosecannon says: Well, maybe the Irontide need to go, then!
Shady Customer says: Good luck getting rid of 'em! I smuggle goods. I'm no mercenary.

Things are gonna be way better when I'm boss.

Once those Irontide pirates are gone, everyone's gonna be able to come here to buy and sell. It's gonna be great!

Gossip What do you mean open trade to 'everyone'?

Well, when I said 'everyone', I guess I really mean everyone with gold to spend. Human, goblin, tauren, elf, it doesn't matter. Their gold spends the same.
<Cesi eyes you up and down>
Oh. You wanna know if I'd sell to the Horde.
Look, I gotta make a living. If I have some anchors that fell off the back of a ship, I'll sell 'em to the first customer who shows up. That's the deal. When I'm boss, everyone gets to come do business in the Cove.
And you don't really wanna deal with those Irontide Pirates, do ya?
Trust me pal, this is gonna be great.

Gossip I want to ask something else.

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