Chamber of War

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The Chamber of War

The Chamber of War is a large circular room at the base of Black Rook Hold. You can get to it through the Hidden Passageway, and it provides access to the Grand Hall. Many lost souls roam around the room pondering over books and maps. This room was once where battles and strategies of Ravencrest's armies were planned during the War of the Ancients.


  • The table in the center of the room shows a map of Azeroth before the Great Sundering fragmented it.
  • If you stick around, the lost souls make sparse comments:
    • Lost Soul says: No, no, no... this is all out of sorts. Who would leave the library like this?!
    • Lost Soul 1 says: Our forces should meet the enemy here...
    • Lost Soul 2 says: Didn't we already defeat them there? I'm confused.
    • Lost Soul 1 says: No, I don't think... or, wait... I can't... why can't I remember?