Chambermaid Pillaclencher

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MobChambermaid Pillaclencher
Image of Chambermaid Pillaclencher
Gender Female
Race Dark Iron dwarf (Humanoid)
Level 49 Elite
Health 21,380
Location Slag Pit, Searing Gorge
Status Killable

Chambermaid Pillaclencher can be found in the Dark Iron sleeping quarters of the Slag Pit in Searing Gorge. She spawns when a player who has recently stolen 20 Dark Iron Pillows on the quest N [50] Kill 'em With Sleep Deprivation leaves the immediate area. Upon killing her a gigantic pillow will spawn on the ground next to her corpse. Looting it starts the quest N [50] Look at the Size of It!.


  • Inv misc organ 06.png  Smother 10 yd range — Deals damage to the target every 2 seconds for 6 sec. 185-215 damage a tick. ~50 yard knockback when it lands. Also silences for the duration.


Thieves! Scallywags! Rapscallions! Come face me gigantic pillas!

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