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Champion of the Light

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For other uses, see Champion of the Light (disambiguation).
For the Horde version of the encounter, see Champion of the Light (Horde).
HordeRa'wani Kanae
Image of Ra'wani Kanae
Gender Female
Race Zandalari troll (Humanoid)
Level ?? Boss
Class Paladin
Reaction Alliance
Affiliation(s) Zandalari Empire
Occupation Prelate
Location Battle of Dazar'alor
Status Killable

As a Champion of the Light, the Zandalari troll Ra'wani Kanae faces the Alliance in the Battle of Dazar'alor. She is the first encounter of the raid.

Adventure Guide

Ra'wani and her troops are the first line of defense against the Alliance, sworn to lay down their lives for their city. Standing together, they empower and heal each other while fending off their incoming invaders.


Ra'wani empowers herself with various seals, and releases those seals to improve her allies whenever she reaches 100 Energy. Additionally, Ra'wani and her allies work to reduce the size of the battlefield for their enemies, using both Consecration and Wave of Light to do so. Crusader allies provide additional damage and crowd control for Ra'wani, while disciples heal wounded allies.

Damage Dealer Alert Damage Dealers

  • Interrupt any heals you can to avoid enemies regaining too much health.
  • Avoid facing the crusader allies when they cast Blinding Faith.
  • Avoid attacking the boss when they are affected by Seal of Reckoning.

Healer Alert Healers

  • Seal of Retribution causes the boss's melee attacks to affect all players.
  • Avoid facing the crusader allies when they cast Blinding Faith.

Tank Alert Tanks

  • Don't let Sacred Blade stack too high.
  • When tanking the adds, move them out of Consecration so they are not affected by its damage reduction.
  • Keep the adds moving to avoid them being hit by Wave of Light.


  • Spell holy sealofblood.png  Zealotry Important — Fills the caster with the might of the crusade, increasing Holy damage done by 2%. This effect stacks.
  • Ability paladin artofwar.png  Sacred Blade Tank Alert — Imbues the wielder with holy energy, causing melee attacks to inflict additional Holy damage every 2 sec. This effect stacks.
  • Spell holy holynova.png  Wave of Light Magic Effect — Releases a wave of holy light towards a friendly target inflicting Holy damage to all enemies hit. Additionally, Wave of Light heals all allies for 5% of their maximum health every 1 sec for 7 sec when hit. If no allies are present, Wave of Light targets an enemy instead.
  • Spell holy blessingofprotection.png  Divine Protection Heroic Difficulty — Provides protection for an ally, reducing damage taken by 99% for 6 sec. Cannot be used on a target with Forbearance. Causes Forbearance for 30 sec.
    • Spell holy removecurse.png  Forbearance Heroic Difficulty — Cannot be affected by Divine Protection for 30 sec.
  • Spell holy prayerofspirit.png  Prayer for the Fallen Mythic Difficulty — Calls for a moment of prayer for the fallen soldiers. All crusaders, living or dead, cast Divine Mallet, while all disciples, livine or dead, cast Angelic Renewal.
    • Spell holy purify.png  Angelic Renewal Mythic Difficulty Interruptible — The caster rejuvenates the soul of their Champion of the Light, healing them for their maximum health.
    • Spell paladin lightshammer.png  Divine Mallet Mythic Difficulty — Throws out Light-infused mallets in various directions every 1 sec for 8 sec, inflicting 71,411 Holy damage to each player hit.
  • Crusader's Seals Important — At the beginning of the fight, Ra'wani Kanae will cast a seal upon herself, giving her additional abilities and causing her to gain Energy. At 100 Energy, she releases the seal, causing an additional effect.
    • Spell holy pureofheart.png  Release Seal — Releases the caster's current seal's power, causing additional effects based on the seal.
    • Ability paladin empoweredsealsrighteous.png  Seal of Retribution — The caster radiates a retributive aura from themselves, increasing damage and healing done for all nearby allies, and melee attacks cause Retribution Wave. Additionally, any ally killed while this seal is active provides stacks of Zealotry to the wearer. At 100 energy, the seal is released, giving an ally Righteous Blessing.
      • Ability paladin empoweredsealstruth.png  Aura of Retribution — Receiving a blessing from a nearby ally's aura, increasing damage done by 15% and healing done by 15%
      • Ability paladin empoweredsealsrighteous.png  Retribution Wave — Radiates a wave of searing light in all directions, inflicting Holy damage to all enemies.
      • Spell holy holyguidance.png  Judgment: Righteousness — The caster fills a nearby ally with righteous fury, increase their damage done by 200% and healing done by 150%.
    • Spell holy sealofwrath.png  Seal of Reckoning — Provides a reckoning strength to the caster, causing all attacks received from players to provide a stack os Zealotry. Additionally, the caster can now cast Reckoning. Players affected by Sacred Blade do not generate stacks of Zealotry. At 100 energy, the seal is released, causing the wearer to cast Judgment: Reckoning.
      • Spell holy unyieldingfaith.png  Reckoning — Strikes the target with a light-infused weapon, inflicting Holy damage.
      • Spell holy holynova.png  Judgment: Reckoning — Releases holy energy in all directions, inflicting Holy damage to all nearby players.
  • Achievement bg killflagcarriers grabflag capit.png  Call to Arms — Calls for reinforcements, summoning 1 Crusader and 2 Disciples.
  • Spell holy avenginewrath.png  Avenging Wrath — Fills the caster with holy wrath, increasing damage done by 30%. Ra'wani casts Avenging Wrath when she is below 30% health.
  • Forces of the Crusade Important
    • Rezani Disciple — Zandalari Priests.
      • Spell holy searinglight.png  Divine Burst Interruptible — Burns the enemy with divine energy, inflicting Holy damage.
      • Spell holy penance.png  Penance Interruptible — Launches a volley of holy light at the target, causing Holy damage to an enemy or 2% healing of maximum health to an ally every 1 sec for 5 sec.
      • Spell holy heal02.png  Heal Interruptible — Heals a friendly target.
    • Zandalari Crusader — Zandalari Paladins.
      • Spell holy crusaderstrike.png  Crusader Strike — Strikes the enemy with a weapon imbued with holy energy, inflicting Holy damage.
      • Ability paladin beaconoflight.png  Blinding Faith Important — Releases a wave of divine light, disorienting all enemies facing the caster for 5 sec.
      • Spell holy innerfire.png  Consecration — Summons a patch of holy ground under the caster, inflicting Holy damage to all players standing in it. Additionally, Consecration reduces damage taken by all Crusaders and Disciples by 50%.


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Item Type
 [Desecrated Blade of the Disciples] (LFR · H · M) Intellect dagger
 [Sunburst Crest] (LFR · H · M) Shield
 [Dawnbreaker] (LFR · H · M) Strength two-hand sword
 [Cowl of Righteous Resolve] (LFR · H · M) Azerite leather helmet
 [Pauldrons of Ancestral Vengeance] (LFR · H · M) Azerite mail shoulders
 [Breastplate of Divine Purification] (LFR · H · M) Azerite plate chest
 [Divine Fury Raiment] (LFR · H · M) Azerite cloth chest
 [Bracers of Regal Devotion] (LFR · H · M) Leather bracers
 [Bracers of Zealous Calling] (LFR · H · M) Cloth bracers
 [Crusade Pummelers] (LFR · H · M) Plate gauntlets
 [Gloves of Spiritual Grace] (LFR · H · M) Leather gauntlets
 [Lightgrace Sabatons] (LFR · H · M) Mail boots
 [Ward of Envelopment] (LFR · H · M) Intellect trinket



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Ra'wani Kanae says: You trespass upon sacred ground, outsiders. You will not defile Zuldazar with your filth.
Master Mathias Shaw says: A troll paladin? Now I've seen it all. Protest all you want, but you appear to be outnumbered.
Ra'wani Kanae says: De Light of de loa is all de strength I need. Face me!
Ra'wani Kanae yells: You will pay for invading our lands!
Ra'wani Kanae yells: Loa grant me strength!
Wave of Light
Ra'wani Kanae yells: De Light judges all!
Judgment Righteousness
Ra'wani Kanae yells: Retribution for de fallen!
Judgment Reckoning
Ra'wani Kanae yells: De reckoning is at hand!
Call to Arms
Ra'wani Kanae yells: To arms! Drive dese outsiders from Zuldazar!
Killing a player
Ra'wani Kanae yells: Victory for de loa!
Ra'wani Kanae yells: Light guide da...Other Side...

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