Championing Our Cause

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NeutralChampioning Our Cause

110 (Requires 110)



Successfully complete a Legionfall mission at your Class Order Hall.

  • Legionfall Missions (1)


Important work has been done by your order, <class title>. Your champions have succeeded time and again in undermining the Legion's invasion.

As we make preparations for our assault on the Tomb of Sargeras, we need to keep the demons off balance. By pressuring them at every turn, we will expose vulnerabilities that can be exploited to our advantage.

Send out your order's champions, <name>. Their missions are vital to the success of our campaign... especially as our confrontation with Kil'jaeden draws closer.


You will receive: 38g 80s 15000 Order Resources
Inv misc treasurechest03b.png [Chest of Champion Equipment]


How fare your champions, <class title>?


Excellent work, <class title>! When this war is finally won, I believe I owe you and your order champions a banquet to honor your heroism.

Say, that sounds like something that Odyn fellow would say. Not that I've met him myself, of course...



  • If you already sent your followers on non-Broken Shore missions prior to accepting the quest, you will have to wait for them to return.
  • Broken Shore missions that were already in-progress will be counted retroactively provided that you accept the quest before completing said missions.

Criteria of


  1. N [110] Armies of Legionfall
  2. N [110] Assault on Broken Shore
    1. N [110] Legionfall Supplies
    2. N [110] Begin Construction
    1. N [110] Aalgen Point
    2. N [110] Vengeance Point
  3. N [110] Champions of Legionfall
  4. N [110] Shard Times
  5. N [110] Mark of the Sentinax
  6. N [110] Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
  7. N [110] Intolerable Infestation
  8. N [110] Relieved of Their Valuables
  9. N [110] Take Out the Head...
  10. N [110] Championing Our Cause
  11. N [110] Strike Them Down

Patch changes

  • Legion Hotfix (2017-06-02): ""Championing Our Cause" now requires 1 Mission (was 3)."
  • Legion Patch 7.2.0 (2017-03-28): Added.
Activated 2017-05-30.

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