Champions of Lei Shen

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Champions of Lei Shen is an exploration achievement earned for killing the 10 named rare elite mobs on the Isle of Thunder. The champions all spawn in a fixed location and have a relatively frequent respawn rate (typically less than an hour), much like the faction champions targeted in [I'm In Your Base, Killing Your Dudes] in Krasarang Wilds.

All champions are shared tap - there is no need to be in the same party as whoever initially did damage to the mob. As long as the player is on the champion's threat table, he or she should get some loot.

Some champions are unavailable until further along in the Isle of Thunder storyline. Notably, God-Hulk Ramuk starts spawning once adventurers have completed B [90] Tear Down This Wall! to start Stage 3, Backbreaker Uru and Lu-Ban will not appear until after completing B [90] To the Skies! to start Stage 4, and Molthor makes an appearance after opening the gates to the Stormsea Landing in Stage 5.

There is an eleventh rare elite mob that is not part of this achievement - Ra'sha. See his article for more information.


Champion Subzone Location
 Haywire Sunreaver Construct Ihgaluk Crag beach [49, 88]
 Mumta Court of Bones [35.1, 62.4]
 Ku'lai the Skyclaw Za'Tual beach [37.8, 82.8]
 Progenitus Ihgaluk Crag [51.3, 71.2]
 Goda Diremoor [53.6, 53.6]
 God-Hulk Ramuk Conqueror's Terrace [61.4, 50.1]
 Al'tabim the All-Seeing East of Bay of Echoes [44.8, 29.8]
 Backbreaker Uru Lightning Vein Mine [50.5, 26.9]
 Lu-Ban Thunder Forges [54.4, 35.5]
 Molthor Stormsea Landing [62.3, 47.6]
Isle of Thunder map
Haywire Sunreaver Construct @ 49,88
Mumta @ 35.1,62.4
Ku'lai the Skylcaw @ 37.8,82.8
Progenitus @ 51.3,71.2
Goda @ 53.6,53.6
Al'tabim the All-Seeing @ 44.9,29.8
God-Hulk Ramuk @ 61.4,50.1
Backbreaker Uru @ 50.5,26.9
Lu-Ban @ 54.4,35.5
Molthor @ 62.3,47.6

Notable drops

Champions have a good chance of having the first  [Shan'ze Ritual Stone] and  [Key to the Palace of Lei Shen] each week acquired from mob drops.[1] Champions will always drop a  [Tome of Valor], even on kills after the first. Beyond that, some champions have unique drops:

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