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A screenshot of a character sheet.

Character profiles can be found on Your character profile will have 6 panes. On the upper left corner is your character portrait, level, and achievement point total. On the top is your character name with the last title you had chosen in-game, level, and your race/class. It will also display the name of your realm and battlegroup.


  • Character - This shows your character sheet. Displayed at the very bottom is your "PvP Lifetime Honorable Kills" total and the "Last Updated" date for your profile. The majority of the page is dedicated to an advanced paper doll. You can move your mouse over any item you have in a slot and "Find an Upgrade".
  • Talents - This shows the 3 talent trees of your class and where your points are distributed. A feature also lets you "Export Build".
  • Reputation - This shows the reputation you have with factions. It displays both the points and rank of reputation.
  • Achievements - This shows all of your achievements. It shows the "Total Completed" and "Recent Achievements" for your character. You can look at your achievements by subject: General, Quests, Exploration, Player vs. Player, Dungeons & Raids, Professions, Reputation, World Events, and Feats of Strength. A feature also lets you "Add Character to Compare".
  • Statistics - This shows your character's statistics. It shows the "Latest Updated Statistics". You can look at your statistics by subject: Character, Combat, Kills, Deaths, Quests, Dungeons & Raids, Skills, Travel, Social, and Player vs. Player. A feature also lets you "Add Character to Compare".
  • Calendar - This allows you to view the in-game calendar of every character on the World of Warcraft account you use. Like guild banks, player calendars are a login-protected feature. These status changes will take effect in-game.