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Gender Male
Race Goblin
Class Hunter
Status Alive
Companion(s) Captain
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Chikkers is a goblin hunter who participated in the Horde's invasion of Ashenvale during the War of the Thorns. His pet is a crawler named the Captain. His real name is unknown; "Chikkers" is a nickname given to him by his friends during his childhood.

While in Ashenvale, Chikkers encountered the blood elf rogue Lorash Sunbeam. He was initially hostile to the rogue, stating that all elves looked the same to him, but eventually agreed to help Lorash dispatch some night elves. Some time later, Lorash ambushed a group of night elf druids moving through the treetops, killing several and luring the rest down to the ground, where Chikkers killed them with his rifle and the Captain. Moments later, the trio was forced to hide when Malfurion Stormrage himself arrived to pay his respects to the fallen druids. Lorash considered attacking the archdruid, but Chikkers considered this to be suicide and threatened to kill the blood elf himself if he tried. After Stormrage left, Chikkers told Lorash that he would not help him attack Malfurion, not without another twenty to twenty-five soldiers backing them up, but agreed to back the rogue up until then.

After Lorash was killed by Malfurion, Chikkers found his way into the clearing where Sylvanas Windrunner was standing near Sunbeam's corpse. The goblin muttered that "guess everyone's got to go out sometime", unexpectedly causing a smile from Sylvanas. The warchief told Chikkers to report back to High Overlord Saurfang, and that the war was only just beginning.[1]