Chill Breeze Valley

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Chill Breeze Valley
Chill Breeze Valley's giant Gnome-themed gate, post-Cataclysm

Chill Breeze Valley is a T-shaped region of Dun Morogh, situated between Iceflow Lake to the west and Kharanos to the east. Although the east-west branch of the valley is a hub that sees frequent use by young dwarves and gnomes, the north-south section sees a far smaller amount of passers-through, as ominous signs of dangerous monsters can be seen staining the snow there: large bloodstains and ripped-up animal carcasses. More experienced adventurers seek out these ferocious beasts in order to end their threat to the dwarven lands, but many have died in the attempt. A level 11 elite wendigo is in one of the caves. [38.5, 53.9]

Patch changes

Cataclysm Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): Close to the Kharanos side of the Valley is now a Gnome-themed gate which looks like a giant gear. The valley as a whole is now the gnome starting area.