Chink in the Armor

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NeutralChink in the Armor
Antoran Wastes
Level 110 (950)
Duration 8 hrs
Followers 3
Type Generic Elite
Enemies Inquisitor Vethroz, Reality Taer, Decimation
Cost 300 Order Resources
Champion XP 3,000
Bonus Chest  [Novitiate's Tarnished Arcanoscope]
 [Fel-Imbued Artillery Catalyst]
 [Rite-Blessed Sheath]
 [Timeworn Amethyst Figurine]
 [Brazier of the Faithful]


Wyrmtongue engineers working in Felfire Armory are easily lured by riches. Exploit this weakness.



You will receive:
Inv misc scopea.png [Novitiate's Tarnished Arcanoscope] Inv ember fel.png [Fel-Imbued Artillery Catalyst]
Achievement bg trueavshutout.png [Rite-Blessed Sheath] Inv misc statue 04.png [Timeworn Amethyst Figurine]
Inv enchanting 70 pet torch.png [Brazier of the Faithful]

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