Chromie's destroyers

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MobChromie's destroyers
Chromie's Destroyers.png
Main leader IconSmall Unknown.gif The master
Race(s) DemonDemonDemonDemon Demon
UndeadUndead Undead
Theater of operations Azeroth
Status Active

This group is a sect of humanoids, demons and undead who seek the death of Chromie. They are led by a mysterious master.



Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

In the near future, sometime after the Legionfall land on Argus, the bronze dragon Chromie was assassinated at Wyrmrest Temple. The main culprit of this remained unknown. However, it appears to be more than one as four attacks struck down her from four different locations at the same time.

The first assassin was Thalas Vylethorn, a satyr who had infiltrated the Emerald Dragonshrine. The druids in the area couldn't sleep and had become restless. Thalas sent Dream Tormentors to disturb them from the Emerald Nightmare. With this distraction, Thalas was able to cast a spell at Wyrmrest Temple to kill Chromie.

The second assassin was a Void Gargantuan, a void god who had infiltrated the Azure Dragonshrine. He interfered with the ley lines and started to absorb their magical properties. With this power, the Void Gargantuan was able to cast a spell.

The third assassin was Talar Icechill, a lich who had infiltrated the Ruby Dragonshrine. He led an army of undead towards the protectors of the Dragonshrine and hid inside the tree during the commotion. With this distraction, Talar was able to cast a spell.

The fourth assassin was Zorathides, a nathrezim who had infiltrated the Obsidian Dragonshrine. He reignited the activity at the abandoned sanctum by raising the undead. With this distraction, Zorathides was able to cast a spell at Wyrmrest Temple to kill Chromie.

Along with an adventurer, a past version of Chromie was able to prevent her future death from all four.


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

In past events where Chromie would appear, they also became compromised. This alteration of history forced present Chromie to die instantly.

The first anomaly came from the Culling of Stratholme. In the original timeline, Chromie was there to ensure that Prince Arthas would find the plagued grain from the infinite's disguise. While that quest appeared to be fulfilled, Nezar'Azret kidnapped past Chromie. Tick saw what was happening and followed them to the entrance of Stratholme where he awaited for help, but it never came though. Nezar'Azret took past Chromie to the Crusaders' Square where she suffocated inside a cocoon.

The second anomaly originated from Mount Hyjal. During a daily job for Sethria's Roost, an adventurer was able to call upon a random character to assist on their quest. Of those characters, one was Chromie. Together, they would engage with the strongest fire elementals there ever existed. Unfortunately, one of those runs did not go smoothly (purposefully or not) and Chromie fell to the ground on the brink of death. With no one to hear her cries, a fire elemental led by a Fiery Behemoth attacked the dying dragon and sniffed out the last shambles of life inside of her.

The third anomaly appeared in the Battle for Andorhal. In the original timeline, Chromie was in Andorhal during the Scourge occupation. There she investigated the Temporal Parasites and helped adventurers in redeeming the ghost of Captain Redpath during a ghostly locked in the past Battle of Darrowshire. When the Horde and the Alliance started their campaign to retake Andorhal, Chromie escaped to Wyrmrest Temple. Or so was it thought. Unlike the original timeline, both the Alliance and Horde started a witch hunt on her and she retreated to the town hall. Both forces bombarded the building until there was nothing left but rubble. Chromie died during her last stand.

The fourth anomaly came from the Well of Eternity. In the original timeline, Chromie arrived to ensure the acquisition of the Demon Soul. Unfortunately, Grolethax arrived and engulfed Chromie with fel energy. Knowing that there was nothing she could do, Grolethax went to the bronze time portals and guarded them until the last minute, making sure the dragon died before being able to escape. The dying dragon fell to the ground in her whelp form and was slowly consumed by the fel.

Along with an adventurer, a future version of Chromie was able to prevent her past deaths from all four anomalies.