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This article is about the capital of the Kingdom of Lordaeron. For the ruins above the Undercity and its history after the Third War, see Ruins of Lordaeron. For capital cities in general, see Capital.
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Capital City[1][2][3][4][5][6][7] or simply Lordaeron City[8] and Lordaeron[9][10] was the capital city of the Kingdom of Lordaeron. The city was built by the Arathorian nobles at the time in which the kingdom was fracturing, and became the city-state and capital of a kingdom based in Tirisfal Glades that emerged after the fall of the Arathorian Empire.


Capital City of Lordaeron.

Early history

Over time, Strom's power waned as it was unable to compete with the economies of the other Arathorian city-states. Its noble families sought to leave for the lush northlands, seeking to find purity and enlightenment. This new city-state was named Lordaeron after the surrounding region. It was also home to deeply religious ascetics who believed in the Light. Many people traveled to the city-state seeking wisdom, enlightenment, or cures for their ailments. As it grew into a proper kingdom, the noble families renamed its heart Capital City.[11]

The city was first an industrial center for the nation, but later, most of the industries were moved east to the new cities of Stratholme and Andorhal, so Lordaeron became solely an administrative center and was largely remodeled as a wonder of human architecture.

Second War

WC2BnE-logo.png This section concerns content related to Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness or its expansion Beyond the Dark Portal.

The city was the center of the Alliance of Lordaeron during the Second War, and so prospered as the effective capital of humanity. It provided the most soldiers of any kingdom to the Alliance and successfully repelled the invasion of the Orcish Horde. It was here that renegade Alterac soldiers and sailors were interrogated and revealed the treachery of their kingdom.[12] The city itself was later attacked during the war.[13]

Capital City also had its own cathedral, where Jaina Proudmoore and Arthas Menethil met for the first time.[14]

Third War and aftermath

WC3RoC-logo.png This section concerns content related to Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos or its expansion The Frozen Throne.

When Prince Arthas killed his father, King Terenas II, the city fell into turmoil. At Arthas' command, Falric and Marwyn led the undead Scourge into the city and killed its inhabitants.[15] The city soon came to be called the Ruins of Lordaeron.

For a time, the city was overseen by Balnazzar, Detheroc, and Varimathras. When Arthas returned from Kalimdor, he found the dreadlords near the Palace Gardens, ousted them and named himself King of Lordaeron.[16] When Ner'zhul recalled Arthas to Northrend, Balnazzar took control over the city once again.

The combined forces of Grand Marshal Garithos and Sylvanas Windrunner defeated Balnazzar, at which point Sylvanas betrayed her allies and took the city for herself.[17] The Undercity, which lies beneath the ruins of the capital, now serves as the capital of the Forsaken. The Forsaken later made the ruins of this city into a major base.



  • It was previously stated that the continent of Lordaeron had been named after the city-state of Lordaeron,[18] Chronicle 1 retconned this, instead the continent being named after Lordain and the city after the continent.