Claiming the Light

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HordeClaiming the Light

12 (Requires 12)


H Paladin [12] A Study in Power


H Paladin [12] Redeeming the Dead

The paladin-only quest Claiming the Light is part of the H Paladin [12] The First Trial quest chain, during which paladins learn the [Redemption] spell.


Use the  [Shimmering Vessel] on the Blood Elf Magisters to fill it and return to Knight-Lord Bloodvalor in Silvermoon City.

Provided Item:


Take this vessel, <name>. The enchantment it bears will allow you to draw the last vestiges of the Light surrounding these magisters. They once tended the captive naaru and some of its energy yet remains within them.

It will be just enough to restore your comrade to life.

Do not worry about the magisters, <name>. I have seen to their care, and Lord Solanar assures me that Lady Liadrin seeks a new source of power even now.


Have you spoken with Magister Astalor Bloodsworn?


Well done, <name>. The powers granted by the Light will never come 'naturally' to the Blood Knights, but we are not so naive as to be thwarted by the will of a single being, however powerful.

Our mastery of the arcane has unlocked this path and these powers for you, initiate. Few have the stomach or the aptitude to wield them, but I know you will not disappoint the order.


  • The entrance to the hidden chamber is northeast of (behind) the bowyer vendor, next to the Blood Knight's hall [95, 37].


  1. H Paladin [12] Summons from Knight-Lord Bloodvalor (optional)
  2. H Paladin [12] The First Trial
  3. H Paladin [12] A Study in Power
  4. H Paladin [12] Claiming the Light
  5. H Paladin [12] Redeeming the Dead

Patch changes

The quest text of this quest has changed to accommodate the events surrounding M'uru. For the old version, see [1]

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