Claws of Shirvallah

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Claws of Shirvallah
Talentspec druid feral cat.png
  • Claws of Shirvallah
  • Level 100 Feral druid talent
  • Passive
  • Renegade Druids have developed the ability to shapeshift into a creature half man and half cat. This alternate Cat Form allows the use of all non-damaging Druid spells while shapeshifted, and increases Versatility by 5%.
Usable by
Class Druid
Type Utility
School Physical
Other information
Level learned 100
Affects [Cat Form]
Related buff
Talentspec druid feral cat.png
  • Claws of Shirvallah
  • Immune to Polymorph effects.
    Movement speed increased by 30%.
    Versatility increased by 5%.
"Have we learned nothing from the Scythe of Elune?"
Archdruid Hamuul Runetotem

Claws of Shirvallah was a level 100 Feral druid talent.


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