Clean-up on Aisle Sha

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NeutralClean-up on Aisle Sha

110 (Requires 110)


N Monk [110] The River to Ban-Lu


Help Commander Shen-Li with the remaining Sha.

  • Speak with Commander Shen-li
  • Squish Sha Remnants
  • Return to Commander Shen-li


I've spoken with the Shado-pan and they are willing to give us information if we can assist them with a task of their own.

Speak with Commander Shen-Li. While you're assisting them, I shall continue to meditate.


Ooohhmmmm... Ooooohhhhmmmm...


The Shado-pan appear greatful, Grandmaster.

Shall we cont... what is that black residue on your foot?


Run over the small sha creatures and fight the occasional Manifestation of Anger until the tracker bar reaches 100%. After that, mount up and fly back to Commander Shen-Li.

Commander Shen-Li
Greetings, Grandmaster. <name>. It's nice of you to visit us. We're mostly focused on cleaning up the last remnants of the sha in the area.
If you could assist us with this task, perhaps we can help you with yours. What do you say?
Gossip I'm ready to clean up the sha.
After clean-up
How goes the removal of the remaining remnants?
Gossip I've cleaned up the sha.
Commander Shen-Li says: Thank you, Grandmaster <name>, for your assistance. Unfortunately, Ban-Lu is no longer here. I saw him heading south, but that is all I know.
Quest completion
Master Bu says: Grandmaster, I have an idea...


  1. N Monk [110] Master Who?
  2. N Monk [110] The Tale of Ban-Lu
  3. N Monk [110] Return to the Broken Peak
  4. N Monk [110] The Trail of Ban-Lu
  5. N Monk [110] Smelly's Luckydo
  6. N Monk [110] The Shadow of Ban-Lu
  7. N Monk [110] Clean-up on Aisle Sha
  8. N Monk [110] The River to Ban-Lu
  9. N Monk [110] Lilies for Ryuli
  10. N Monk [110] The Trial of Ban-Lu

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