Cleaning House (Valley of the Four Winds)

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NeutralCleaning House
Preparing to barge in

87 (Requires 86)




Item level 419 helms
30g 60s


N [87] Clear the Way, N [87] The Fanciest Water, N [87] Barrels, Man

For the Mount Hyjal quests, see B [81] Cleaning House.


After cleaning house

Defeat Eddy, Jooga, and the Fizzy Yellow Alemental.


That's it, <name>. I've had enough of this.

If somebody doesn't do SOMETHING to take care of this brewery, we'll lose it forever. And there's far too much family history - and beer - in there to risk wasting.

So... we're going to break in through the back door. You, Li Li, Mudmug, and me.

It's gonna be a brawl in there.

Let me know when you're ready.


Item level 419 helms
Inv helmet cloth panda b 02 blue.png [Silkmasters' Satin Hood] Inv helm leather panda b 02 crimson.png [Sunsoaked Helm]
Inv helmet mail panda b 02red.png [Huangtze Scale Helm] Inv helm plate panda b 01blue.png [Paoquan Burnished Headcover]
Inv helmet cloth panda b 02 blue.png [Gilded Fan Silk Cowl] Inv helm leather panda b 02 crimson.png [Plainshawk Helm]
Inv helmet mail panda b 02red.png [Wild Plains Helm] Inv helm plate panda b 01blue.png [Thunderfoot Heavy Helm]
Inv helm plate panda b 01blue.png [Sunsong Armored Helm]

You will also receive: 30g 60s


Let's do this.


Take a look around - it's a lot calmer outside. All the brewery needed was somebody strong to take care of it.

It's going to take some time to clean this place up, but I don't really mind that so much.

This is, after all... my home.


  • 193000 XP


Speak with Chen again.

You ready for a brawl, <name>?
Gossip <Crack your knuckles and nod your head.>

The event inside runs on a timer - depending on when players say "yes" to Chen they will join one of three fights, either with Mudmug against Eddy, Li Li against Jooga, or Chen against the Fizzy Yellow Alemental.


Eddy is a level 87 water sprite with 2.1 million health. Every quarter of his health he will pop an immunity shield that must be removed by running over bubbles on the ground, then clicking on the weakened shield.

  • Water Spout — Creates a powerful spout of water beneath the target, dealing Frost damage and knocking them high into the air. 1 sec cast. Hits for 5200 Frost.
  • Water Bolt 45 yd range — Hurls a watery bolt at an enemy, inflicting moderate Frost damage. 2.5 sec cast. 9500 Frost.
  • Watery Shield 90 stacks.

Speak with Mudmug to start the encounter:

You ready to do this? I'm ready to do this. I'm fixin' to make a puddle out of that critter.
It's just... well, I ain't much of a bruiser, and I get skeered real easy. You're the <class> here. You gonna... you gonna protect me, right?
Gossip Calm down, Mudmug. Let's go.
Mudmug yells: Alright! Let's go smush that water varmint!

Random taunts:

  • Eddy yells: Teeeeee hee hee heeeee!
  • Eddy yells: Hooo hoo hoooo!
  • Eddy yells: Kekekekekeke!


Run over the small bubbles to weaken Eddy's [Watery Shield]!
  • Mudmug says: I... I can't hit him! That there bubble is too durn thick!
  • Mudmug says: Let's kick them little bubles back at him!
  • Mudmug says: Let's kick the little bubbles! At his FACE!


Click on Eddy's weakened [Watery Shield] to pop it!
  • Mudmug says: Come here, <name>! Give that bubble a good poke!
  • Mudmug says: <name>! Come in close and help me pop this big ol' bubble!
  • Mudmug says: Quick, <name>! Come pop his bubble!
  • Mudmug says: Now get over here and pop his bubble, <name>!


  • Mudmug says: Back to the fightin'!
  • Mudmug says: Look out! Here comes Mudmug an' <name>!
  • Mudmug says: Alright! Now I'm gonna whup yer butt!
  • Mudmug says: I'mma turn you into a stout!


Mudmug says: Nice fightin'... real hero-like. Y'all should check in with Li Li, up ahead.


Jooga is a level 87 hozen with 760k health. He is fixated on Li Li and cannot be normally tanked. While running around, he is slippery, making him prone to dodge attacks and deflect spells. Kick a barrel on the ground at him to stun him for a few seconds.

  • Slippery — Increases dodge percent by 100%.

Speak with Li Li to start the encounter.

This guy's a little bigger than I thought he'd be.
You think it's from drinking beer? I know too much beer makes you fat, like Uncle Chen, but I didn't think it'd make you any taller.
Either way, I don't think I can take this guy on alone.
Gossip I'll help.
Li Li says: Ummm... he's coming right at me.
Li Li says: Should I run?
Li Li says: I'm gonna run.
Jooga is [Slippery]! Kick a barrel at him to make him stand still!

Kick a barrel at him:

  • Jooga says: What the ook?
  • Jooga says: Where is me?
  • Jooga says: Jooga no can see!

Banana throw:

  • Jooga says: Bananas for everyone!
  • Jooga says: You throw barrel? Jooga throw banana! taste better!
  • Jooga says: Jooga no can see!
  • Jooga says: Jooga throwing his friuit! Because he feels mad!
  • Jooga says: Jooga not happy about barrel on head!

Stun wearing off:

  • Jooga says: Jooga just want give hug to panda girl.
  • Jooga says: You sneaky panda girl! Come back to Jooga!
  • Jooga says: Now, Jooga chase panda girl!


Li Li says: Uncle Chen's waiting up ahead. You go find him. I'll stay here and mock this unconscious monkey.
Li Li yells: Not so tough now, are you? That's right. You look so dumb laying on the ground. Don't make me make <name> throw more barrels at you.


Li Li says: I think we're all done here! Let's meet up with those two oafs at the brewery's back entrance.

Fizzy Yellow Alemental

First, start by speaking with Chen to get him started clearing the room of minor alementals, with 9218 health each. Chen can clear big bunches of them by just leaping on them. Once all of the mini-mentals are defeated, they jump to the big pot at the far side of the room, forming the Fizzy Yellow Alemental, a level 87 alemental with 6.5 million health and the following abilities:

  • Basic melee — 7000-8000 on the tank.
  • Wave Crash 20 yd range — Deals Frost damage and knocks the target back. 2 sec cast. Hits for 7390 Frost.
  • Foul Chill Melee range — Increases the Frost damage taken by an enemy by 50% for 2 min. Instant.
  • Water Bolt 45 yd range — Hurls a watery bolt at an enemy, inflicting moderate Frost damage. 2.5 sec cast. Hits for ~10000 Frost.
  • Splash — A splash of water drenches all nearby enemies, dealing Frost damage and knocking them back a short distance. 2 sec cast. Hits for 7600-8300 Frost.

Speak with Chen to start the encounter:

What is going on inside this brewery!? Has nobody maintained this place? Where are the brewers?
Where is my family...?
They must have gone somewhere. If they were here, then they'd be cleaning up this mess! For now, looks like it's up to you and me, <name>. You ready?
Gossip Let's do this, Chen.
Chen Stormstout yells: Stormstout!
Chen Stormstout says: Give me a hand, <name>!
Chen Stormstout says: Once we get rid of these spirits, we can move on.

Spirits defeated:

Chen Stormstout says: That was sure nice of those spirits to hop into this pot.
Chen runs to the Big Empty Beer Tub as the alemental coalesces!
Chen Stormstout says: WhaaaAAA?
Chen Stormstout says: Looks like we're not done yet, <name>.


Chen Stormstout says: I think we've done enough damage for one day. Let's meet up with the other two at the brewery's rear entrance.


Once all three are done the player winds up outside again. Speak to Chen to turn in. Chen will offer N [87D] Into the Brewery, an intro quest into Stormstout Brewery, while Emmi offers the quest N [87] Stoneplow Thirsts to Stoneplow.


  1. N [87] Knocking on the Door
  2. N [87] Clear the Way, N [87] The Fanciest Water, N [87] Barrels, Man
  3. N [87] Cleaning House
  4. N [87] Stoneplow Thirsts

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