Clutchmother Zavas

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For the Un'Goro Madness version, see Clutchmother Zavas (Un'Goro Madness).
MobClutchmother Zavas
Image of Clutchmother Zavas
Gender Female
Race Silithid reaver (Beast)
Level 54 Rare
Health 3,800
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Slithering Scar, Un'Goro Crater
Pet family Silithid

Clutchmother Zavas is a hostile level 54 rare silithid reaver found in the Gorishi hive in the Slithering Scar in Un'Goro Crater. She looks identical to Gorishi Reavers.


  • Cleave
  • Pierce Armor: Reduces your armor by 20%.
  • Spawn Egg: An emote will alarm you when Zavas lays an egg, a few seconds later another emote will warn you that the egg is ready to hatch, once hatched it spawns a level 44-46 Gorishi Grub. It is advised to kill the eggs due to Zavas second ability. It seems like Zavas will lay an egg every 6 to 8 seconds, and the eggs require 6 to 8 seconds to hatch.
  • Call for Help: At 20 or so percent, Zavas will cry for help forcing all Gorishi mobs in a minimum of 20 yards to help her, any eggs/grubs you avoid aggroing are more than likely to aggro on to you at this point.


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