Codex of Defense

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Codex of Defense is a quest starting item that leads to the Warrior version of the  [Royal Seal of Eldre'Thalas].


Codex of Defense drops from all bosses in Dire Maul, and can be found inside of Dusty Tomes in Dire Maul.

As a quest objective

This item starts N Warrior [60D] Codex of Defense.


"When they have no tools with which to fight, they will concede to your great might." - Codex of Defense[1]
"When helms are cracked, skulls aren't far behind." - Codex of Defense
"When one learns to stand, then others will surely fall." - Codex of Defense
"Metal is tempered by the heart of the earth and swung with the fire of the soul." - Codex of Defense

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