Coilfang Armaments (quest)

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NeutralCoilfang Armaments
Start Ysiel Windsinger
End Ysiel Windsinger
Level 70 (Requires 70)
Category Coilfang Reservoir
Reputation Cenarion Expedition +75
Repeatable Yes

Coilfang Armaments is the reputation grind quest for the Cenarion Expedition. You must have already completed N [70D] Preparing for War.


We will forge the naga's own steel into weapons to use against them. Bring me all the armaments you manage to salvage from Coilfang Reservoir.


As a faction grind, the only reward is 75 points of reputation with the Cenarion Expedition.


Excellent work, <name>. The naga will learn not to underestimate us.


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