Coilfang Scale-Healer

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MobCoilfang Scale-Healer
Image of Coilfang Scale-Healer
Gender Female
Race Naga (Humanoid)
Level 62 - 70 Elite
Class Priest
Health 12,000-21,000
Mana 2,578-3,155
Wealth 31s 93c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Coilfang tribe
Occupation Healer
Location Slave Pens
Status Killable

Coilfang Scale-Healers are naga located in the Slave Pens.

Attacks and abilities

  • Holy Nova
  • Power Word: Shield
  • Greater Heal


These mobs are quite troublesome if allowed to heal, so it is often best that they begin as the primary target of a pull. One spamming Holy Nova can mean an extremely large amount of damage output against the party, coupled with topping off the rest of the pack.

[Mind Control] can be extremely useful against these mobs, as their abilities can benefit the team and the surrounding mobs will often kill them very quickly.


Reputation: Provides 5 reputation with Cenarion Expedition until Honored.

The Heroic version provides 5 reputation Cenarion Expedition all the way to Exalted.


  • By Nazjatar's Depths!
  • Die, warmblood!
  • For the Master!
  • Illidan reigns!
  • My blood is like venom!

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