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NeutralCoilskar tribe
Main leader

NagaNaga Naga

Base of operations
Theater of operations

The Coilskar tribe, a part of Illidan's Naga and the Illidari army, is based in Shadowmoon Valley.

Burning Crusade

Their presence threatens the Wildhammers, orcs, Scryers, and Aldor — all whom have carved their holdings in the area. These naga also inhabit Black Temple, and their supreme leader is High Warlord Naj'entus — one of the dungeon's bosses.

Remnants of the Coilskar tribe called the Coilskar Witches have been found in Magisters' Terrace. Their loyalty is to Kael'thas and thus directly towards the Burning Legion.


On Mardum, Lady S'theno led the naga faction in the Fel Hammer.

Known members