Coldmist Stalker

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MobColdmist Stalker
Image of Coldmist Stalker
Race Crystal spider (Beast)
Level 70-71 Elite
Health 20,000
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Karazhan
Pet family Spider

Coldmist Stalkers are hostile level 70-71 elite crystal spiders found in Karazhan.

Attacks and abilities

  • Basic Melee: 275-400 on tank, 800 on cloth.
  • Chilling Poison: Slows melee attacks.


Stealthed. Smaller than Coldmist Widows. There are usually 2 or more with any Coldmist Widow in the Servants' Quarters of Karazhan. There might be one Coldmist Stalker patrolling solo in that area.

Trap or sheep the stalkers while you burn down the widow. Since they are stealthed you want a hunter to throw a flare to make them visible and mark them for crowd control. If you can not make them visible before the fight have a rogue or prowling cat-druid get close enough to detect and mark them so that CC can pick up their target once the fight begins and they break stealth.

Kill the widow first, then kill the stalkers, and serve grilled over felweed with a light honey glaze.

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