Coldridge Pass

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Coldridge Pass

Coldridge Pass links Coldridge Valley to the rest of Dun Morogh, and is crucial to give the trickle of dwarven recruits to the frontier town of Kharanos. Unfortunately, the pass has become infested with troggs, and the only chance for travelers to get through is either to run at top speed or slash their way through the hostile invaders.


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With all the earth quakes that happened in the morning of the Cataclysm, the tunnel has collapsed.

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Fendrig Redbeard along with twelve other miners have been asked to investing the trogg infestation from Coldridge Pass. As they entered, Fendrig was left under rubble of stone and the others tried to save him. This would be a mistake as the pass would collapse and all of them would be killed. The sole survivor was Fendrig and was rescued.


  • The pass is located in the Southwest, at around [35, 65] on the map.
  • The collapsed tunnel will re-open as soon as you leave.