Colin Thundermar

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AllianceColin Thundermar
Image of Colin Thundermar
Gender Male
Race Wildhammer dwarf (Humanoid)
Level 85
Health 100,737
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Wildhammer clan, Thundermar clan
Location Thundermar, Twilight Highlands[49.0, 29.8]
Relative(s) Fanny (sister), Keegan Firebeard (brother-in-law)

Colin Thundermar is a level 85 Wildhammer dwarf quest giver in Thundermar in the Twilight Highlands. He is the leader of clan Thundermar of the Wildhammer dwarves and the brother of Fanny Thundermar.




Curse the Dragonmaw! They kill our birds, attack our families, take our land. Even as the world crashes down on us, still they assault our homes.

If your Alliance wants the help of the Wildhammer, there's only one way to win us over: Stop. The. Dragonmaw.

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