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Colonel is a military rank.

Theramore Guard had several colonels. They wore an insignia denoting the rank.[1]


Name Organization Status
Neutral IconSmall Human Male.gif Arom Waycrest Drustvar Militia Deceased
Alliance IconSmall Human Male.gif Jules Sons of Lothar Alive
Neutral IconSmall Human Male.gif Kavdan Alterac Unknown
Horde IconSmall Orc Male.gif Karzag Hellscream's Reach Alive
Mob IconSmall Human Male.gif Conrad Kurzen Kurzen's Expedition Deceased
Alliance IconSmall Human Female.gif Lorena Theramore Guard Deceased
Alliance IconSmall Human Male.gif Troteman Stormwind Army Alive
Alliance IconSmall Dwarf Male.gif Sam Tucker Ironforge Alive
Mob IconSmall Qiraji Male.gif Zerran Ahn'Qiraj Killable


  • Lieutenant colonel

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  1. ^ Cycle of Hatred, chapter 3 & 16