Combining Forces

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HordeCombining Forces
Start Keltus Darkleaf[33, 11]
End Keltus Darkleaf[33, 11]
Level 12 (Requires 10)
Category Rogue
Experience 900
Previous H Rogue [10] Find Keltus Darkleaf
Next H Rogue [10] Return the Reports


Keltus Darkleaf wants you to pickpocket the  [Lacy Handkerchief] from the Sentinel Leader and bring it to him.


Keltus Darkleaf reporting for duty!

Oh... who are you, anyhow? If you are here for my report, I insist you help me first.

I am planning to attack the sentinel spies, but I intend to send in my faithful Whisper as a first strike. She just needs a scent to hone in on them.

Surely someone of your skill could sneak in and steal something from the sentinel leader?


Did you get something?


Excellent! Such a personal item carries a strong scent of the intruders—enough to guide Whisper into their ranks...


  • 900 XP (or 5s 40c at level 70)


  1. H Rogue [10] Find Keltus Darkleaf
  2. H Rogue [12] Combining Forces
  3. H Rogue [10] Return the Reports

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