Coming of Age

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Coming of Age

Coming of Age is a lore object located at [35.3, 70.1] on the base of a large mogu statue in Za'Tual on the southwestern side of the Isle of Thunder. Interacting with the lore object is one of the requirements of the Pandaria exploration achievement [The Zandalari Prophecy].

There is no room for weakness among the Zandalari. Strength, ferocity, stamina, power: These are the traits by which success is measured. At adolescence, those Zandalari males not chosen to be priests or scholars must prove their strength to the council, the king, and the gods themselves.

Any display of physical power will do. Tournaments and competitions are held as children come of age. Adolescents prepare for their trials with years of training, communion with the spirits, and by tattooing sigils of power onto their skin. A common rite is to travel to one of the violent, beast-ruled islands near the capital to steal or subdue a wild creature.

The lesser troll races have their own, humbler versions of this tradition. But the mastery of ravasaurs or raptors is nothing compared to the power required to call upon a devilsaur or direhorn.

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