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Commander Atalaa

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MobCommander Atalaa
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Gender Female
Race Draenei (Undead)
Level 112 Elite
Mana 285,263
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Seat of the Triumvirate
Status Killable

Commander Atalaa is a draenei located in Seat of the Triumvirate.

She was Captain Fareeya's second in command around the time of Sargeras' arrival to Argus and the evacuation of the draenei.[1]


Atalaa lived on the planet Argus, home of the original eredar race, at the time of its fall to the fallen titan Sargeras. Atalaa herself served in a military capacity, as second-in-command to Captain Fareeya.[2]

Though many of the eredar would join their leaders Kil'jaeden and Archimonde in pledging their loyalty to Sargeras, Atalaa was part of a smaller group (later known as the draenei) that chose to side with Velen. Velen's followers made a desperate escape from their homeworld through the benevolent naaru's dimensional ship named the Genedar.

Before fleeing the planet, Fareeya had the blacksmith Gaal create an elaborate key to secure the Armory of the Triumvirate, which he forged from a pristine argunite crystal.[3] The armory was locked, and the last time Fareeya saw her, Atalaa was leading a force to secure it. Atalaa succeeded in her mission but died at some point afterward, her spirit eternally focused on guarding the  [Armor of the Triumvirate] within. Unlike Fareeya, Gaal did not make it to the Genedar but would survive as one of the Broken.[4]

Thousands of years later, the Army of the Light returned to the planet with their allies from Azeroth. An adventurer discovered a piece of the armory's key, and after gathering the rest, it was reforged by Gaal. Within the armory, Atalaa's spirit had to be defeated to retrieve the Armor of the Triumvirate, still believing that she was defending it from the newly-turned man'ari eredar.


  • Blessed Hammer - Throws a Blessed Hammer that spirals outward, dealing 131600 to 148400 Holy damage to enemies that it hits. When empowered it deals 9400 to 10600 additional Holy damage every 1 second for 6 sec.
  • Blind Recompense - Hurls hammers of divine light in a line in front of the caster. Each hammer inflicts 855000 to 945000 Holy damage to all targets within 4 yards of the impact. When empowered it does an additional 100000 Holy damage every 1.5 for 6 sec.
  • Empowered Shield of Light - Reduce damage from incoming attacks by 25% and increases damage done by 10%. Also spells have a 50% chance to be reflected. Lasts 45 sec.
  • Holy Retribution - Reduces the target's movement speed by 50% for 3 sec.
  • Holy Well - Divine light fills the area around the caster, healing anyone within the zone for 2499978 to 2905381 health every 1.5 sec.
  • Shield of Light - Reduce damage from incoming attacks by 25% for 45 sec. When empowered it also increases damage done by 10% and partially reflects spells.

Objective of


  • Death to the Man'ari!
  • No! I cannot fail...
  • The Man'ari will never defile the armor!
  • Who dares to defile this sacred armory?

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