Commander Malt'his

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MobCommander Malt'his
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Gender Male
Race Naga (Humanoid)
Level 110
Health 2,078,534
Wealth 60s 49c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Sashj'tar
Location Azuregale Bay, Suramar
Status Killable

Commander Malt'his is a naga found in Azuregale Bay in Suramar.


  • Coral Cut - Inflicts Physical damage to an enemy every 3 sec. for 15 sec.
  • Slam - Slams the opponent, causing weapon damage plus an additional amount.

Objective of


  • We mussst inform the Tidemistressss...
  • What's thisss? A trespasser intrudesss on our conversation.

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