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Commander Minzera

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MobCommander Minzera
Image of Commander Minzera
Title <Battlemaiden of Zanj'ir>
Gender Female
Race Naga centaur (Humanoid)
Level 122 Rare Elite
Health 4,495,596
Mana 295,105
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Zanj'ir
Occupation Commander
Location Alathir Spire, Nazjatar
Status Killable

Commander Minzera is a naga centaur located at Alathir Spire in Nazjatar when the area is occupied.


  • Spell nature earthquake.png  Clawing Leap — Jumps to a random enemy. Upon landing, inflicts Physical damage to all enemies within 5 yards of the impact, knocking them back.
  • Inv misc monsterclaw 01.png  Crush
  • Spell shadow possession.png  Inhuman Scream



  • Abyss... claim me...
  • Azshara curse you...
  • I am the queen's chosen!
  • Land-born... scum...

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