Commander Ri'mok

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BossCommander Ri'mok
Image of Commander Ri'mok
Gender Male
Race Mantid (Humanoid)
Level 91 - 92 Elite
Mana 432,400 - 440,240
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Gate of the Setting Sun
Status Killable

Commander Ri'mok is the third boss of Gate of the Setting Sun.


Adventure Guide

Commander Ri'mok oversees the mantid ground forces relentlessly besieging the towering gates. Unimpressed by the defenders, Ri'mok calls upon countless reinforcements to vanquish those foolish enough to stand in his way.


  • Ability creature poison 02.png  Viscos Fluid Important — Commander Ri'mok periodically exudes a viscos fluid which will increase Commander Ri'mok's damage by 10% and reduces damage dealt by players standing in it by 10% per sec. to a max of 50%.
  • Ability ghoulfrenzy.png  Frenzied Assault Tank Alert — Deals 50% weapon damage to all targets within 9 yards every 0.25 seconds until canceled.
  • Krik'thik Swarmer — Waves of reinforcements continuously scale the wall to aid Commander Ri'mok.
  • Krik'thik Saboteur — Every 45 secs a Mantid Saboteur will join the battle.
    • Inv misc blackironbomb.png  Bombard — The Mantid Saboteur throws vollies of bombs that deals 30000 Fire damage to all enemies within 40 yards.


Mantid keep coming, deal with them or hold them with massive healing. Viscos Fluid won't hurt you, but decrease your damage close to 0. Stay away or behind when does Frenzied Assault.


Item Type
Normal Heroic
 [Mantid Trochanter]  [Mantid Trochanter] Agility dagger
 [Swarmcall Helm]  [Swarmcall Helm] Agility mail helm
 [Leggings of the Frenzy]  [Leggings of the Frenzy] Caster cloth leggings
 [Ri'mok's Shattered Scale] Tank plate shoulders
 [Viscous Ring] Spirit ring


The gates are about to fall. Quickly! Slaughter these meddlers!
There will be no escaping me.
Killing a player
  • Hahahahaha!
  • This wall is your grave!
  • None may stand against us!
Unused quote
Empress... forgive me!


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