Commander in the Field! (Alliance)

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AllianceCommander in the Field!
Start Exarch Maladaar
End Exarch Yrel
Level 100 (Requires 90)
Category Tanaan Jungle
Experience 18,840
Reputation +350 Hand of the Prophet
Rewards [Oil] x25
30g 80s
Previous B [100] The Battle for the West


Get reports from various scouts in Tanaan Jungle.


This battle will be won, but it will be hard fought. Our rangari did manage to get a few scouts out to the rest of the jungle though.

Perhaps it is best you collect this intelligence yourself and see what this jungle holds for us all.

On accept:

Exarch Maladaar says: Go now commander. We will continue to put pressure on this front.


You will also receive: 30g 80s


There's a lot to see here isn't there?


This will be a difficult campaign to be sure.



We meet again, friend. This place is not Gorgrond, but I do not miss the giant beasts that shake the earth!

I have reports on Zeth'Gol, the Temple of Sha'naar, and the Zorammarsh.

Gossip Tell me of Zeth'Gol.

These Bleeding Hollow are fearsome hunters and trappers. They have lived well in this jungle. Deep inside their village they practice dark blood magic. That cannot be good for us, so I must recommend reducing this village to ash at the earliest opportunity!

Gossip What is happening at the Temple of Sha'naar?

They destroyed this village some time ago and replaced it with training grounds, demon summoning, and corrupting the wildlife into fel weapons.
The people that died here must be avenged, commander!

Gossip What do you know of Zorammarsh?

Nobody owns the swamp, it is a death trap. Raptors, giant bats, giant snakes... and something else. There's some kind of giant shadow that prowls there. I felt its eyes on me while I inspected a mutilated corpse.
Needless to say I did not linger.

Rangari Laara

The hunt continues here, commander. I have reports on Aktar's Watch[sic] just to the northwest and the Ironmonger's Hold, that big tunnel to the southeast.

Gossip Arakkoa in Tanaan? Tell me more of Aktar's Watch[sic].

The outcasts are concerned about their brethren. Some lost souls are being trained by the Shadow Council in fell magics and demon summoning. They have even recruited some high arakkoa as well but that area is significantly more dangerous, you will need allies to clear that particular area out. We should clear out this poisonous nest soon.

Gossip How defended is that Iron Horde tunnel?

The hold still has forces in it, but with the recent "landscaping" from the citadel, they have apparently been breached by more of those Pale.
We could probably leave it alone and let the Iron Horde and Pale fight it out in there, but I suspect there may be useful resources to "acquire" as well.

Amber Kearnen

I'm not sure if I've ever been in an area that was more determined to kill me!

That being said I have some early information on Ironhold Harbor just to the northwest, the Fel Forge to the southeast, and the Throne of Kil'jaeden up on the mountain right behind you.

Gossip Lots of ships coming into that harbor, what's going on there?

It appears the Iron Horde is summoning all of its farflung holdings back here. Most Iron Horde troops disembark at the harbor and immediately go to get converted. The rest stay and bring in munitions and other resources to feed their army.
If Gul'dan is allowed to convert the entire Iron Horde he will have an unbeatable army!

Gossip The Fel Forge looks completely corrupted, what are they building there?

Combine typical Iron Horde mass weapons building with fel corruption and you have that mess down there.
They are building tanks, cannons, and infantry weapons infused with fel energy. Also something bigger further in, something we should really stop them from building.

Gossip Fel corrupted water is just pouring down from the mountain. What is going on at the Throne of Kil'jaeden?

I didn't get a great look but I didn't need to, it is a Burning Legion paradise up there. Giant demons being summoned, infernals raining down from the sky, cultists continuing the flow of corrupted water...
You should be really careful up there, everything there is big and mean. I highly recommend you bring friends before you take any offensive actions there.

Near by Amber is Goi'orsh with N [100] A Message of Terrible Import.

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