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  • Compiled Research
  • Binds when picked up
  • <Right Click to Read>
  • "This collection of papers reveals the nature of the mysterious device in upper Skettis."


The item is created by obtaining 5 Research Notes found in Spires of Arak during N [100 Daily] Treasure Contract: Amulet of Rukhmar.


One of the outcast slaves happened upon some writings today from the time of Terokk, detailing the workings of an ancient Apexis device. Based on the writings, the device appears to be linked to the  [Amulet of Rukhmar] - an artifact said to empower the wearer with the essence of Rukhmar herself!

We have yet to discover where the device is located, or how to activate it, but even now our scholars are working to unearth further writings in the ruins of Skettis.

Further deciphering of the writings reveals that the device needs to be activated remotely before it can be used. It seems these activation points have been placed in secret in the low places of the Spires, presumably to hide them from our brethren on the wing.

We have found a forgotten outcast scroll that seems to be linked to this device. It refers to a key, which may be referencing one of these remote access points:

"The first key is kept in the high reaches of upper Skettis. It lay where the dead can protect it from the talons of the unwanted."

If the first device is indeed in Skettis, we must make haste to uncover it.

Another piece of the puzzle has been unearthed in the outcast's ancient writings. The text reads:

"Beneath the third fall of the great Skettis river lay the second key. May the ever-rushing waters sweep away those that might seek it."

Yet another writing from the ancient outcasts mentions a third key:

"The final key has been housed deep within the fungal caves where the river makes its final drop. Though the pale orcs that dwell there may be vile, they should prove a worthy deterrent."

I believe we have pieced together the location of this device, and with the activation keys, we should be able to operate it. Various writings refer to the location being "against the fungal shore, within the shrine to the raven god."

This may be referring to the ruins in Lost Veil Anzu. We must send our researchers there to investigate.

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