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Completing the Delivery

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HordeCompleting the Delivery

5 (Requires 4)





Deliver Erona's Package to Innkeeper Delaniel inside the inn at Falconwing Square in Eversong Woods.


The death of another outrunner is a true tragedy, but it's a risk we all accept when we take the job. Magistrix Erona at the Sunspire needs to get this package to the inn at Falconwing Square, and she needs it there as soon as possible.

We're short handed and I don't have anyone else available that can cover for us.

I'm not going to lie to you; the path to Falconwing Square can be extremely dangerous if you leave the safety of Dawning Lane. Do you feel up to the task, <Name>?


Welcome to my inn, <class>. Am I to understand that you have something for me?


Thank you, I do appreciate the prompt delivery.

While you're here, please make yourself comfortable. If you haven't done so already, feel free to get a  [Hearthstone] and bind yourself here. Using a  [Hearthstone] will allow you to recall to an inn once every hour. If you ever lose your hearthstone, simply return to any inn - an innkeeper will gladly get you a new one.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:



  1. H IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngIconSmall BloodElf Female.png [1] Reclaiming Sunstrider Isle
  2. H IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngIconSmall BloodElf Female.png [3] Unfortunate Measures
  3. H IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngIconSmall BloodElf Female.png [3] Report to Lanthan Perilon
  4. H IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngIconSmall BloodElf Female.png [4] Aggression
  5. H IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngIconSmall BloodElf Female.png [5] Felendren the Banished
  6. H IconSmall BloodElf Male.pngIconSmall BloodElf Female.png [5] Aiding the Outrunners (optional breadcrumb)
  7. H [5] Slain by the Wretched
  8. H [5] Package Recovery
  9. H [5] Completing the Delivery

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