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NeutralThe Conclave
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The Conclave is an order of priests whose order hall is a former naaru prison[1] named Netherlight Temple. They fight the Burning Legion alongside the other class orders during the demons' third invasion.


Legion This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.

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Name Role Status Location
Neutral  Calia Menethil Priestess, Champion of the Conclave Alive Netherlight Temple
Neutral  Alonsus Faol Archbishop, Champion of the Conclave, One of the three founders Active Netherlight Temple
Neutral  Zabra Hexx Champion of the Conclave, Alchemist Alive Netherlight Temple
Neutral  Sol Champion of the Conclave Alive Netherlight Temple
Aldor  High Priestess Ishanah High Priestess, Champion of the Conclave Alive Netherlight Temple, Vindicaar, Aldor Rise
Neutral  Yalia Sagewhisper Champion of the Conclave Alive Netherlight Temple
Neutral  Mariella Ward Champion of the Conclave Alive Netherlight Temple
Neutral  Natalie Seline Champion of the Conclave, Leader of the Cult of Forgotten Shadows Alive Netherlight Temple
Horde  Aelthalyste Champion of the Conclave Active Netherlight Temple, Highmountain, Undercity
Alliance  Velen Leader of the Draenei, One of the Three Founders of the Conclave Alive Netherlight Temple, Exodar, Deliverance Point, Vindicaar
Alliance  Moira Thaurissan Queen Reagent of the Dark Iron, One of the Three Founders of the Conclave. Alive Netherlight Temple, Ironforge
Neutral  Juvess the Duskwhisperer Keeper of Scrolls Alive Netherlight Temple
Neutral  Grand Anchorite Gesslar Recruiter Alive Netherlight Temple
Neutral  Lilith (human) Armament Supplier Alive Netherlight Temple
Horde  Dark Cleric Cecille Priest Trainer Active Netherlight Temple, Orgrimmar, Deliverance Point
Neutral  Vicar Eliza Zealot Recruiter Active Netherlight Temple
Neutral  Betild Deepanvil Master Artificer Alive Netherlight Temple
Neutral  Sister Oriel Alive Netherlight Temple
Neutral  Truth Seal of Broken Fate Exchanger Alive Netherlight Temple
Neutral  Meridelle Lightspark Logistics. Alive Netherlight Temple
Neutral  Saa'ra Births new Lightspawn. Alive Netherlight Temple
Neutral  Archivist Inkforge Alive Netherlight Temple
Neutral  Elana Offers blessings to those who enter the Temple. Alive Netherlight Temple, Deliverance Point
Neutral  Archon Torias Order Hall Upgrades. Alive Netherlight Temple
Neutral  Gilner Greymoss Alive Netherlight Temple
Neutral  Vyr Alive Netherlight Temple

Base of operations

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