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For a complete list with default values, see Console variables/Complete list.

The World of Warcraft game client stores all of its configurations in console variables (CVars). These variables affect many aspects of the game, such as the graphics, the sound system and the interface. CVar information can be queried with C_Console.GetAllCommands()


The file stores settings mostly relevant to game startup, such as gxMaximize for the screen window size and locale for the language.

\World of Warcraft\_retail_\WTF\

The files are used for character and WoW account-specific settings. They are synchronized to the server if the synchronizeConfig CVar is enabled (by default).

Character: \World of Warcraft\_retail_\WTF\Account\<AccountName>\<Server>\<Character>\
  Account: \World of Warcraft\_retail_\WTF\Account\<AccountName>\

Setting CVars

There are several ways of setting the console variables:

  • The most commonly used CVars can be configured in the Interface window settings.
  • With /console <command> <value>, for example:
/console scriptErrors 1
  • Launching the game with the WoW.exe -console argument will allow you to open the Console window in-game by pressing the ` or ~ key.
  • AddOns and scripts can set CVars by calling SetCVar()
Some CVars (e.g. for Nameplates) can only be set from SetCVar instead of with /console, this can be checked with GetCVarInfo()
  • The files can be manually edited while the game is not running; they would otherwise be overwritten on reloading or logging out. The syntax for setting a variable in the WTF files is:
SET variableName "value"

CVar Scope

Some CVars are character-specific or WoW account-specific (see Console variables/Complete list for a full list), for example:

  • When setting nameplateMotion, it will not be changed for your other characters.
  • When setting chatBubbles, it will not be changed for any other WoW accounts on your Blizzard account.

Red exclamation mark icon Changing a character or account-specific CVar cannot be undone or reverted by uninstalling, repairing the game or deleting the WTF folder. See cvar_default and synchronizeConfig for more details.

Resetting CVars

Use GetCVarDefault() or the cvar_default command to reset a specific CVar, for example:

/run SetCVar("autoSelfCast", GetCVarDefault("autoSelfCast"))
/console cvar_default autoSelfCast

Otherwise if you don't know the offending CVar, you will have to resort to resetting the whole user interface.

/console cvar_default


Note: This list is up to date as of Patch 8.3.0 (33062) Jan 14 2020


cameraBobbing - Enables camera bobbing in first person mode.
cameraPivot - Lets you free look when the camera is on the ground.
cameraSmoothStyle - Controls the automatic camera adjustment (following) style
cameraTerrainTilt - Automatically changes the camera angle based on terrain
cameraViewBlendStyle - Controls if the camera moves from saved positions smoothly or instantly
cameraWaterCollision - Enables water collision for the camera
cameraYawMoveSpeed - Sets the speed, at which the camera auto-adjusts
cameraYawSmoothSpeed - Sets the speed, at which the camera auto-adjusts (possible related to camerasmooth)
cameraZDamp - 1 = enable, 2 = also while standing still

Action Cam



autoCompleteResortNamesOnRecency - Shows people you recently spoke with higher up on the AutoComplete list.
autoCompleteUseContext - The system will, for example, only show people in your guild when you are typing /gpromote. Names will also never be removed.
autoCompleteWhenEditingFromCenter - If you edit a name by inserting characters into the center, a smarter auto-complete will occur.
blockChannelInvites - Whether to automatically block chat channel invites
chatBubblesParty - Whether to show in-game chat bubbles for party chat
chatBubbles - Whether to show in-game chat bubbles
chatClassColorOverride - Whether or not class names are colored in chat. 0 = always color by class name (where applicable), 1 = never color by class name, 2 = respect the legacy per-channel class color settings
chatMouseScroll - Whether the user can use the mouse wheel to scroll through chat
chatStyle - The style of Edit Boxes for the ChatFrame. Valid values: "classic", "im"
colorChatNamesByClass - If enabled, the name of a player speaking in chat will be colored according to his class.
guildMemberNotify - Receive notification when guild members log on/off
profanityFilter - Whether to enable mature language filtering
removeChatDelay - Remove Chat Hover Delay
showTimestamps - The format of timestamps in chat or "none"
showToastBroadcast - Whether to show message for broadcasts
showToastClubInvitation - Whether to show message for club invitations
showToastConversation - Whether to show message for conversations
showToastFriendRequest - Whether to show message for friend requests
showToastOffline - Whether to show message for friend going offline
showToastOnline - Whether to show message for friend coming online
showToastWindow - Whether to show system messages in a toast window
spamFilter - Whether to enable spam filtering
whisperMode - The action new whispers take by default: "popout", "inline", "popout_and_inline"
wholeChatWindowClickable - Whether the user may click anywhere on a chat window to change EditBox focus (only works in IM style)


ConsoleKey - Set key that opens the console
useNewConsole - Use the new console system


assistAttack - Whether to start attacking after an assist
autoClearAFK - Automatically clear AFK when moving or chatting
autoDismountFlying - If enabled, your character will automatically dismount before casting while flying
autoDismount - Automatically dismount when needed
autoInteract - Toggles auto-move to interact target
autoLootDefault - Automatically loot items when the loot window opens
autoLootRate - Rate in milliseconds to tick auto loot
autoSelfCast - Whether spells should automatically be cast on you if you don't have a valid target
autoStand - Automatically stand when needed
autoUnshift - Automatically leave shapeshift form when needed
deselectOnClick - Clear the target when clicking on terrain
enableMovePad - Enables the MovePad accessibility feature in the game
interactOnLeftClick - Test CVar for interacting with NPC's on left click
lootUnderMouse - Whether the loot window should open under the mouse
secureAbilityToggle - Whether you should be protected against accidentally double-clicking an aura
stopAutoAttackOnTargetChange - Whether to stop attacking when changing targets
TargetNearestUseNew - Use new 7.2 'nearest target' functionality (Set to 0 for 6.x style tab targeting)
TargetPriorityCombatLockContextualRelaxation - 1=Enables relaxation of combat lock based on context (eg. no in-combat target infront)
TargetPriorityCombatLockHighlight - 1=Lock to in-combat targets when starting from an in-combat target. 2=Further restrict to in-combat with player. (while doing hold-to-target)
TargetPriorityCombatLock - 1=Lock to in-combat targets when starting from an in-combat target. 2=Further restrict to in-combat with player.
TargetPriorityPvp - When in pvp, give higher priority to players and important pvp targets (1 = players & npc bosses, 2 = all pvp targets, 3 = players only)
TargetPriorityValueBank - Selects the active targeting values bank for calculating target priority order


asyncHandlerTimeout - Engine option: Async read main thread timeout
asyncThreadSleep - Engine option: Async read thread sleep
debugGameEvents - Show additional information about game events
DebugTorsoTwist - Debug visualization for Torso Twist: 1 = Player, 2 = Target, 3 = All
enableBGDL - Background Download (on async net thread) Enabled
fstack_showanchors - 0: Hide Anchors, 1: Show Anchors (Default).
fstack_showhidden - 0: Hide Hidden (Default), 1: Show Hidden.
fstack_showhighlight - 0: Hide Highlight, 1: Show Highlight (Default).
fstack_showregions - 0: Hide Regions, 1: Show Regions (Default).
fullDump - When you crash, generate a full memory dump
persistMoveLogOnTransfer - Set to 1 to automatically re-enable logging on the current movelog target after a transfer
processAffinityMask - Sets which core(s) WoW may execute on - changes require restart to take effect
scriptErrors - Whether or not the UI shows Lua errors
scriptProfile - Whether or not script profiling is enabled
scriptWarnings - Whether or not the UI shows Lua warnings
sortDiskReads - Sort async disk reads to minimize seeks (requires restart)
SplineOpt - toggles use of spline coll optimization
taintLog - Whether taint logging is enabled

Combat Text

enableFloatingCombatText - Whether to show floating combat text
enablePetBattleFloatingCombatText - Whether to show floating combat text for pet battles
floatingCombatTextCombatDamageAllAutos - Show all auto-attack numbers, rather than hiding non-event numbers
floatingCombatTextCombatDamageDirectionalOffset - Amount to offset directional damage numbers when they start
floatingCombatTextCombatDamageDirectionalScale - Directional damage numbers movement scale (0 = no directional numbers)
floatingCombatTextCombatDamageStyle - No longer used
floatingCombatTextCombatDamage - Display damage numbers over hostile creatures when damaged
floatingCombatTextCombatHealingAbsorbSelf - Shows a message when you gain a shield.
floatingCombatTextCombatHealingAbsorbTarget - Display amount of shield added to the target.
floatingCombatTextCombatHealing - Display amount of healing you did to the target
floatingCombatTextCombatLogPeriodicSpells - Display damage caused by periodic effects
floatingCombatTextFloatMode - The combat text float mode
floatingCombatTextPetMeleeDamage - Display pet melee damage in the world
floatingCombatTextPetSpellDamage - Display pet spell damage in the world
threatWorldText - Whether or not to show threat floaters in combat


actionedAdventureJournalEntries - Which adventure journal entries flagged with ADVENTURE_JOURNAL_HIDE_AFTER_ACTION the user acted upon
addFriendInfoShown - The info for Add Friend has been shown
advancedCombatLogging - Whether we want advanced combat log data sent from the server
advancedWatchFrame - Enables advanced Objectives tracking features
advJournalLastOpened - Last time the Adventure Journal opened
agentUID - The UID provided by to be passed to Agent
alwaysCompareItems - Always show item comparison tooltips
auctionDisplayOnCharacter - Show auction items on the dress-up paperdoll
audioLocale - Set the game locale for audio content
autoAcceptQuickJoinRequests - Whether or not to auto-accept players who are trying to join your party through quick join
autoFilledMultiCastSlots - Bitfield that saves whether multi-cast slots have been automatically filled.
autoOpenLootHistory - Automatically opens the Loot History window when certain items drop
autoQuestPopUps - Saves current pop-ups for quests that are automatically acquired or completed.
autoQuestProgress - Whether to automatically watch all quests when they are updated
autoQuestWatch - Whether to automatically watch all quests when you obtain them
azeriteEssenceSwapTutorial - Stores the state of the azerite essence swap tutorial. 0 = not seen, 1 = seen, 2 = acknowledged
blockTrades - Whether to automatically block trade requests
breakUpLargeNumbers - Toggles using commas in large numbers
calendarShowBattlegrounds - Whether Battleground holidays should appear in the calendar
calendarShowDarkmoon - Whether Darkmoon Faire holidays should appear in the calendar
calendarShowHolidays - Whether holidays should appear in the calendar
calendarShowLockouts - Whether raid lockouts should appear in the calendar
calendarShowWeeklyHolidays - Whether weekly holidays should appear in the calendar
closedInfoFrames - Bitfield for which help frames have been acknowledged by the user
closedInfoFramesAccountWide - Bitfield for which help frames have been acknowledged by the user (account-wide)
clubFinderCacheExpiry - Value in (MS) for time to expire the cache
clubFinderCachePendingExpiry - Value in (MS) for time to expire the cache.
clubFinderPlayerSettings - Bit field of Looking for guild player settings
colorblindMode - Enables colorblind accessibility features in the game
combatLogRetentionTime - The maximum duration in seconds to retain combat log entries
comboPointLocation - Location of combo points in UI. 1=target, 2=self
communitiesShowOffline - Show offline community members in the communities frame roster
countdownForCooldowns - Whether to use number countdown instead of radial swipe for action button cooldowns or not.
currencyCategoriesCollapsed - Internal CVar for tracking collapsed currency categories.
currencyTokensBackpack1 - Currency token types shown on backpack.
currencyTokensBackpack2 - Currency token types shown on backpack.
currencyTokensUnused1 - Currency token types marked as unused.
currencyTokensUnused2 - Currency token types marked as unused.
dangerousShipyardMissionWarningAlreadyShown - Boolean indicating whether the shipyard's dangerous mission warning has been shown
displayedRAFFriendInfo - Stores whether we already told a recruited person about their new BattleTag friend
displayFreeBagSlots - Whether or not the backpack button should indicate how many inventory slots you've got free
displaySpellActivationOverlays - Whether to display Spell Activation Overlays (a.k.a. Spell Alerts)
dontShowEquipmentSetsOnItems - Don't show which equipment sets an item is associated with
EJDungeonDifficulty - Stores the last dungeon difficulty viewed in the encounter journal
EJLootClass - Stores the last class that loot was filtered by in the encounter journal
EJLootSpec - Stores the last spec that loot was filtered by in the encounter journal
EJRaidDifficulty - Stores the last raid difficulty viewed in the encounter journal
EmitterCombatRange - Range to stop shoulder/weapon emissions during combat
emphasizeMySpellEffects - Whether other player's spell impacts are toned down or not.
enableAssetTracking - Whether to track which assets are least recently used
EnableBlinkApplicationIcon - Allows the client to blink the application icon in the taskbar in Windows, or bounce the application icon in the dock on macOS
enablePVPNotifyAFK - The ability to shutdown the AFK notification system
enableTwitter - Whether Twitter integration is enabled
expandUpgradePanel - Controls whether the upgrade panel is expanded or collapsed.
findYourselfAnywhere - Always Highlight your character
findYourselfAnywhereOnlyInCombat - Highlight your character only when in combat
findYourselfInBG - Always Highlight your character in Battlegrounds
findYourselfInBGOnlyInCombat - Highlight your character in Battlegrounds only when in combat
findYourselfInRaid - Always Highlight your character in Raids
findYourselfInRaidOnlyInCombat - Highlight your character in Raids only when in combat
findYourselfMode - Highlight your character. 0 = circle, 1 = circle & outline, 2 = outline
flaggedTutorials - Internal cvar for saving completed tutorials in order
flashErrorMessageRepeats - Flashes the center screen red error text if the same message is fired.
flightAngleLookAhead - Enables more dynamic attitude adjustments while flying
friendInvitesCollapsed - Whether friend invites are hidden in the friends list
friendsSmallView - Whether to use smaller buttons in the friends list
friendsViewButtons - Whether to show the friends list view buttons
guildNewsFilter - Stores the guild news filters
guildRewardsCategory - Show category of guild rewards
guildRewardsUsable - Show usable guild rewards only
guildRosterView - The current guild roster display mode
guildShowOffline - Show offline guild members in the guild UI
hardTrackedQuests - Internal cvar for saving hard (user manually selected) tracked quests in order
hardTrackedWorldQuests - Internal cvar for saving hard tracked world quests
heirloomCollectedFilters - Bitfield for which collected filters are applied in the heirloom journal
heirloomSourceFilters - Bitfield for which source filters are applied in the heirloom journal
hideAdventureJournalAlerts - Hide alerts shown on the Adventure Journal Microbutton
ImpactModelCollisionMelee - Enable model collision checks for melee impact effects
ImpactModelCollisionMissile - Enable model collision checks for missile impact effects
ImpactModelCollisionRanged - Enable model collision checks for ranged attack impact effects
lastGarrisonMissionTutorial - Stores the last garrison mission tutorial the player has accepted
lastSelectedClubId - The last club that was selected by the user. We default to this club when the player opens the communities frame if the player isn't in a guild.
lastTalkedToGM - Stores the last GM someone was talking to in case they reload the UI while the GM chat window is open.
lastTransmogOutfitIDSpec1 - SetID of the last applied transmog outfit for the 1st spec
lastTransmogOutfitIDSpec2 - SetID of the last applied transmog outfit for the 2nd spec
lastTransmogOutfitIDSpec3 - SetID of the last applied transmog outfit for the 3rd spec
lastTransmogOutfitIDSpec4 - SetID of the last applied transmog outfit for the 4th spec
lastVoidStorageTutorial - Stores the last void storage tutorial the player has accepted
latestTransmogSetSource - itemModifiedAppearanceID of the latest collected source belonging to a set
launchAgent - Set this to have the client start up Agent
lfdCollapsedHeaders - Stores which LFD headers are collapsed.
lfdSelectedDungeons - Stores which LFD dungeons are selected.
lfgAutoFill - Whether to automatically add party members while looking for a group
lfgAutoJoin - Whether to automatically join a party while looking for a group
lfgListSearchLanguages - A simple bitfield for what languages we want to search in.
lfgSelectedRoles - Stores what roles the player is willing to take on.
lfGuildComment - Stores the player's Looking For Guild comment
lfGuildSettings - Bit field of Looking For Guild player settings
lossOfControl - Enables loss of control spell banner
lossOfControlDisarm - Setting for Loss of Control - Disarm
lossOfControlFull - Setting for Loss of Control - Full Loss
lossOfControlInterrupt - Setting for Loss of Control - Interrupt
lossOfControlRoot - Setting for Loss of Control - Root
lossOfControlSilence - Setting for Loss of Control - Silence
miniCommunitiesFrame - Whether or not the communities frame has been toggled to smaller size
miniDressUpFrame - Whether or not the dress up has been toggled to smaller size
missingTransmogSourceInItemTooltips - Whether to show if you have collected the appearance of an item but not from that item itself
mountJournalGeneralFilters - Bitfield for which collected filters are applied in the mount journal
mountJournalShowPlayer - Show the player on the mount preview.
mountJournalSourcesFilter - Bitfield for which source filters are applied in the mount journal
movieSubtitle - Show movie subtitles
multiBarRightVerticalLayout - Whether to force the right action bars to always align horizontally instead of vertically
newMythicPlusSeason - Signals a new mythic+ season for the user, so when they open the UI it shows them the info about the season
newPvpSeason - Signals a new pvp season for the user, so when they open the UI it shows them the info about the season
NonEmitterCombatRange - Range to stop shoulder/weapon emissions outside combat
ObjectSelectionCircle - Show the target selection circle underneath the current target
orderHallMissionTutorial - Stores information about which order hall mission tutorials the player has seen
otherRolesAzeriteEssencesHidden - Whether to collapse the Azerite Essences for player's other roles
outdoorMinAltitudeDistance - Minimum altitude distance for outdoor objects when you are also outdoors before the altitude difference marker displays
Outline - Outline Mode
overrideArchive - Whether or not the client loads alternate data. Uses Chinese undead models and turns skulls into bread.
pathSmoothing - NPC will round corners on ground paths
pendingInviteInfoShown - The info for pending invites has been shown
petJournalFilters - Bitfield for which collected filters are applied in the pet journal
petJournalSort - Sorting value for the pet journal
petJournalSourceFilters - Bitfield for which source filters are applied in the pet journal
petJournalTab - Stores the last tab the pet journal was opened to
petJournalTypeFilters - Bitfield for which type filters are applied in the pet journal
playerStatLeftDropdown - The player stat selected in the left dropdown
playerStatRightDropdown - The player stat selected in the right dropdown
PraiseTheSun - Shows a Dark Souls style "You Defeated" message in place of the boss name
preloadPlayerModels - Preload all local racial models into memory
raidOrBattleCount - How many times we've sent a raid or battleground survey to the servers
reputationsCollapsed - List of reputation categories that have been collapsed in the Reputation tab
seenAsiaCharacterUpgradePopup - Seen the free character upgrade popup (Asia)
seenCharacterUpgradePopup - Seen the free character upgrade popup
seenConfigurationWarnings - A bitfield to track which configuration warnings have been seen
seenExpansionTrialPopup - Seen the expansion trial popup
serviceTypeFilter - Which trainer services to show
shipyardMissionTutorialAreaBuff - Stores whether the player has accepted the first area buff mission tutorial
shipyardMissionTutorialBlockade - Stores whether the player has accepted the first blockade mission tutorial
shipyardMissionTutorialFirst - Stores whether the player has accepted the first mission tutorial
showNPETutorials - display NPE tutorials
showQuestTrackingTooltips - Displays quest tracking information in unit and object tooltips
ShowQuestUnitCircles - Determines if units related to a quest display an indicator on the ground.
showSpectatorTeamCircles - Determines if the team color circles are visible while spectating or commentating a wargame
showTokenFrame - The token UI has been shown
showTokenFrameHonor - The token UI has shown Honor
showTutorials - display tutorials
skipStartGear - Whether we should show starter gear on character create
smoothUnitPhasing - The client will try to smoothly switch between the same on model different phases.
smoothUnitPhasingActorPurgatoryTimeMs - Time to keep client-actor displays in purgatory before letting go of them, if they were despawned
smoothUnitPhasingAliveTimeoutMs - Time to wait for an alive unit to get it's despawn message
smoothUnitPhasingDestroyedPurgatoryTimeMs - Time to keep unit displays in purgatory before letting go of them, if they were destroyed
smoothUnitPhasingDistThreshold - Distance threshold to active smooth unit phasing.
smoothUnitPhasingEnableAlive - Use units that have not despawn yet if they match, in hopes the despawn message will come later.
smoothUnitPhasingUnseenPurgatoryTimeMs - Time to keep unit displays in purgatory before letting go of them, if they were just unseen.
smoothUnitPhasingVehicleExtraTimeoutMs - Extra time to wait before releasing a vehicle, after it has smooth phased. This allows it's passengers to smooth phase as well.
spellActivationOverlayOpacity - The opacity of the Spell Activation Overlays (a.k.a. Spell Alerts)
SpellQueueWindow - Sets how early you can pre-activate/queue a spell/ability. (In Milliseconds)
splashScreenBoost - Show boost splash screen id
splashScreenNormal - Show normal splash screen id
splashScreenSeason - Show season splash screen id
streamStatusMessage - Whether to display status messages while streaming content
talentFrameShown - The talent UI has been shown
talentPointsSpent - The player has spent a talent point
textLocale - Set the game locale for text
timeMgrAlarmEnabled - Toggles whether or not the time manager's alarm will go off
timeMgrAlarmMessage - The time manager's alarm message
timeMgrAlarmTime - The time manager's alarm time in minutes
timeMgrUseLocalTime - Toggles the use of either the realm time or your system time
timeMgrUseMilitaryTime - Toggles the display of either 12 or 24 hour time
toastDuration - How long to display toast windows, in seconds
toyBoxCollectedFilters - Bitfield for which collected filters are applied in the toybox
toyBoxExpansionFilters - Bitfield for which expansion filters are applied in the toybox
toyBoxSourceFilters - Bitfield for which source filters are applied in the toybox
trackedAchievements - Internal cvar for saving tracked achievements in order
trackedQuests - Internal cvar for saving automatically tracked quests in order
trackedWorldQuests - Internal cvar for saving tracked world quests
trackQuestSorting - Whether to sort the last tracked quest to the top of the quest tracker or use proximity sorting
transmogCurrentSpecOnly - Stores whether transmogs apply to current spec instead of all specs
transmogrifyShowCollected - Whether to show collected transmogs in the at the transmogrifier
transmogrifyShowUncollected - Whether to show uncollected transmogs in the at the transmogrifier
transmogrifySourceFilters - Bitfield for which source filters are applied in the wardrobe at the transmogrifier
twitterGetConfigTime - Last time that we got Twitter configuration data successfully
twitterShortUrlLength - Number of characters that non-https URLS get shortened to
twitterShortUrlLengthHttps - Number of characters that https URLS get shortened to
UberTooltips - Show verbose tooltips
uiScale - The current UI scale
uiScaleMultiplier - A multiplier for the default UI scale. -1=determine based on system/monitor DPI, 0.5-2.0=multiplier to use when calculating UI scale. Only applied when useUIScale is 0.
unitClutter - Enables/Disables unit clutter
unitClutterInstancesOnly - Whether or not to use unit clutter in instances only (0 or 1)
unitClutterPlayerThreshold - The number of players that have to be nearby to trigger unit clutter
useHighResolutionUITextures - Whether to use high resolution UI Textures
useUiScale - Whether or not the UI scale should be used
violenceLevel - Sets the violence level of the game
wardrobeSetsFilters - Bitfield for which transmog sets filters are applied in the wardrobe in the collection journal
wardrobeShowCollected - Whether to show collected transmogs in the wardrobe
wardrobeShowUncollected - Whether to show uncollected transmogs in the wardrobe
wardrobeSourceFilters - Bitfield for which source filters are applied in the wardrobe in the collection journal
watchFrameBaseAlpha - Objectives frame opacity.
watchFrameIgnoreCursor - Disables Objectives frame mouseover and title dropdown.
watchFrameState - Stores Objectives frame locked and collapsed states


animFrameSkipLOD - animations will skip frames at distance
assaoAdaptiveQualityLimit - ASSAO Adaptive Quality Limit [0.0, 1.0] (only for Quality Level 3)
assaoBlurPassCount - ASSAO Blur Pass Count [ 0, 6] Number of edge-sensitive smart blur passes to apply. Quality 0 is an exception with only one 'dumb' blur pass used.
assaoDetailShadowStrength - ASSAO Detail Shadow Strength [0.0, 5.0] Used for high-res detail AO using neighboring depth pixels: adds a lot of detail but also reduces temporal stability (adds aliasing).
assaoFadeOutFrom - ASSAO Fade Out From [0.0, ~ ] Distance to start start fading out the effect.
assaoFadeOutTo - ASSAO Fade Out To [0.0, ~ ] Distance at which the effect is faded out.
assaoHorizonAngleThresh - ASSAO Horizon Angle Thresh [0.0, 0.2] Limits self-shadowing
assaoNormals - Use Normals for ASSAO
assaoRadius - ASSAO Radius [0.0, ~ ] World (view) space size of the occlusion sphere
assaoShadowClamp - ASSAO Shadow Clamp [0.0, 1.0]
assaoShadowMult - ASSAO Shadow Multiplier [0.0, 5.0] Effect strength linear multiplier
assaoShadowPower - ASSAO Shadow Power [0.5, 5.0] Effect strength pow modifier
assaoSharpness - ASSAO Sharpness [0.0, 1.0] (How much to bleed over edges; 1: not at all, 0.5: half-half; 0.0: completely ignore edges)
assaoTemporalSSAngleOffset - ASSAO Temporal Super Sampling Angle Offset [0.0, PI] Used to rotate sampling kernel; If using temporal AA / supersampling, suggested to rotate by ( (frame%3)/3.0*PI ) or similar. Kernel is already symmetrical, which is why we use PI and not 2*PI.
assaoTemporalSSRadiusOffset - ASSAO Temporal Super Sampling Radius Offset [0.0, 2.0] Used to scale sampling kernel; If using temporal AA / supersampling, suggested to scale by ( 1.0f + (((frame%3)-1.0)/3.0)*0.1 ) or similar.
bodyQuota - Maximum number of componented bodies seen at once
Brightness - Brightness adjustment. Range: [0 - 100]
bspcache - BSP node caching
ClipCursor - Lock the cursor to the game window
colorblindSimulator - Type of color blindness
colorblindWeaknessFactor - Amount of sensitivity. e.g. Protanope (red-weakness) 0.0 = not colorblind, 1.0 = full weakness(Protanopia), 0.5 = mid weakness(Protanomaly)
componentCompress - Character component texture compression
componentEmissive - Character component unlit/emissive
componentSpecular - Character component specular highlights
componentTexCacheSize - Character component texture cache size (in MB)
componentTexLoadLimit - Character component texture loading limit per frame
componentTextureLevel - Level of detail for character component textures. 0 means full detail.
componentThread - Multi thread character component processing
Contrast - Contrast adjustment. Range: [0 - 100]
cursorSizePreferred - Size of cursor: -1=determine based on system/monitor dpi, 0=32x32, 1=48x48, 2=64x64
daltonize - Attempt to correct for color blindness (set colorblindSimulator to type of colorblindness)
doodadLodDist - Doodad level of detail distance
entityLodOffset - Entity level of detail offset
farclip - Sets the view distance of the 3D environment. Anything past this distance will be covered in fog.
ffxAntiAliasingMode - Anti Aliasing Mode
ffxDeath - full screen death desat effect
ffxGlow - full screen glow effect
ffxNether - full screen nether effect
ForceAllowAero - Force Direct X 12 on Windows 7 to not disable Aero theme. You are opting into crashing in some edge cases
forceLODCheck - If enabled, we will skip checking DBC for LOD count and every m2 will scan the folder for skin profiles
Gamma - Gamma correction. Range: [0.3 - 2.8]
graphicsViewDistance - UI value of the graphics setting
groundEffectDensity - Set the density of small ground objects.
groundEffectDist - Set the maximum distance from the player at which to render small ground objects.
groundEffectFade - Ground effect fade
gxAdapter - Set which GPU to use. See GxListGPUs for valid names (empty string to let client choose)
gxAFRDevicesCount - Force to set number of AFR devices
gxAftermathEnabled - Enable frame crash debugging
gxApi - Graphics API to use
gxAspect - constrain window aspect
gxFullscreenResolution - resolution
gxMaxFrameLatency - maximum number of frames ahead of GPU the CPU can be
gxMaximize - When using windowed mode, maximize the window
gxMonitor - monitor
gxMTAlphaM2 - Render transparent M2 pass in parallel.
gxMTBeginDraw - Do BeginDraw multithreaded.
gxMTDisable - Disable all render multithreading
gxMTOpaqueM2 - Render opaque model pass in parallel
gxMTOpaqueM2NoReflect - Render opaque model no reflection pass in parallel.
gxMTOpaqueWMO - Render opaque WMO in parallel.
gxMTPrepass - Render prepass in parallel.
gxMTShadow - Render shadow bands in parallel.
gxMTTerrain - Render terrain in parallel.
gxNewResolution - resolution to be set
gxWindowedResolution - windowed resolution
hdPlayerModels - Use high definition replacements for player models
hotReloadModels - Allow an active model to be reloaded when a new version is detected in the bin folder. If this is disabled, the model data will only be refreshed after all game objects using the model are deleted
hwDetect - Perform hardware detection for best values
lodTerrainDiv - Terrain lod divisor
M2ForceAdditiveParticleSort - force all particles to sort as though they were additive
M2UseInstancing - use hardware instancing
M2UseLOD - use model lod
M2UseThreads - multithread model animations
maxFPS - Set FPS limit
maxFPSBk - Set background FPS limit
maxFPSLoading - Set loading screen max FPS
maxLightCount - Maximum lights to render
maxLightDist - Maximum distance to render lights
MSAAAlphaTest - Enable MSAA for alpha-tested geometry
MSAAQuality - Multisampling AA quality
nearclip - Near clip plane distance
occlusionMaxJobs - Maximum job threads for occlusion render
particleDensity - Particle density
physicsLevel - Level of physics world interaction
preloadLoadingDistObject - Object preload distance when loading
preloadLoadingDistTerrain - Terrain preload distance when loading
preloadStreamingDistObject - Object preload distance when streaming
preloadStreamingDistTerrain - Terrain preload distance when streaming
RAIDgroundEffectFade - Raid Ground effect fade
RAIDsettingsEnabled - Raid graphic settings are available
reflectionDownscale - Reflection downscale
reflectionMode - Controls what parts of the world will reflect in the water.
RenderScale - Render scale (for supersampling or undersampling)
ResampleQuality - Resample quality
rippleDetail - Controls display of water ripples
sceneOcclusionEnable - Scene software occlusion
screenshotFormat - Set the format of screenshots
screenshotQuality - Set the quality of screenshots (1 - 10)
shadowCull - enable shadow frustum culling
shadowInstancing - enable instancing when rendering shadowmaps
shadowMode - Controls the detail level of ingame shadows
shadowScissor - enable scissoring when rendering shadowmaps
shadowTextureSize - Shadow texture size
showfootprintparticles - toggles rendering of footprint particles
SkyCloudLOD - Texture resolution for clouds
ssaoMagicNormals - SSAO Use combined GBuffer and face normals; attempts to get the best compromise for architecture, foliage, and characters
ssaoMagicThresholdHigh - SSAO High threshold for transitioning from gbuffer to face normal (degrees)
ssaoMagicThresholdLow - SSAO Low threshold for transitioning from gbuffer to face normal (degrees)
streamingCameraLookAheadTime - Look ahead time for streaming.
streamingCameraMaxRadius - Max radius of the streaming camera.
streamingCameraRadius - Base radius of the streaming camera.
terrainAlphaBitDepth - Terrain alpha map bit depth
terrainMipLevel - Terrain blend map mip level
textureFilteringMode - Texture filtering mode (?)
volumeFog - Volume Fog
volumeFogInterior - Volume Fog Interiors
vsync - vsync on or off
waterDetail - Enables water reflection (0 = old water, 1 = screen space reflection, 2 = dynamic reflection)
weatherDensity - Level of weather effects
windowResizeLock - prevent resizing in windowed mode
wmoDoodadDist - Wmo doodad load distance
wmoLodDistScale - Wmo level of detail distance scale
worldBaseMip - World texture base mip
worldEntityLinkMode - Entity link mode
worldLoadSort - Sort objects by distance when loading
worldMaxMipLevel - World maximum texture mip level
worldPreloadHighResTextures - Require high res textures to be loaded in streaming non critical radius when preloading
worldPreloadNonCritical - Require objects to be loaded in streaming non critical radius when preloading
worldPreloadNonCriticalTimeout - World preload time (in seconds) when non-critical items are automatically ignored
worldPreloadSort - Sort objects by distance when preloading
worldViewCullMaxJobs - Maximum job threads for culling

Raid Graphics



digSites - If enabled, the archaeological dig site system will be used.
displayWorldPVPObjectives - Whether to show world PvP objectives
mapAnimDuration - Duration for the alpha animation
mapAnimMinAlpha - Alpha value to animate to when player moves with windowed world map open
mapAnimStartDelay - Start delay for the alpha animation
mapFade - Whether to fade out the world map when moving
minimapAltitudeHintMode - Change minimap altitude difference display. 0=none, 1=darken, 2=arrows
minimapInsideZoom - The current indoor minimap zoom level
minimapPortalMax - Max Number of Portals to traverse for minimap
minimapShapeshiftTracking - Stores shapeshift-specific tracking spells that were active last session.
minimapShowArchBlobs - Stores whether to show the quest blobs on the minimap.
minimapShowQuestBlobs - Stores whether to show the quest blobs on the minimap.
minimapTrackedInfov2 - Stores the minimap tracking that was active last session.
minimapZoom - The current outdoor minimap zoom level
miniWorldMap - Whether or not the world map has been toggled to smaller size
primaryProfessionsFilter - If enabled, primary profession world quests icons will be shown on world maps
questLogOpen - Whether the quest log appears the side of the windowed map.
questPOI - If enabled, the quest POI system will be used.
rotateMinimap - Whether to rotate the entire minimap instead of the player arrow
screenEdgeFlash - Whether to show a red flash while you are in combat with the world map up
secondaryProfessionsFilter - If enabled, secondary profession world quests icons will be shown on world maps
showBattlefieldMinimap - Whether or not the battlefield minimap is shown
showDungeonEntrancesOnMap - If enabled, dungeon entrances will display on the world map.
showQuestObjectivesOnMap - Shows quest POIs on the main map.
showTamers - If enabled, pet battle icons will be shown on world maps
worldQuestFilterArtifactPower - If enabled, world quests with artifact power rewards will be shown on the map
worldQuestFilterEquipment - If enabled, world quests with equipment rewards will be shown on the map
worldQuestFilterGold - If enabled, world quests with gold rewards will be shown on the map
worldQuestFilterProfessionMaterials - If enabled, world quests with profession material rewards will be shown on the map
worldQuestFilterReputation - If enabled, world quests with reputation rewards will be shown on the map
worldQuestFilterResources - If enabled, world quests with order resource rewards or war resource rewards will be shown on the map


enableMouseSpeed - Enables setting a custom mouse sensitivity to override the setting from the operating system.
enableWowMouse - Enable Steelseries World of Warcraft Mouse
mouseInvertPitch - Invert up-down mouse motion
mouseInvertYaw - Invert left-right mouse motion
mouseSpeed - Mouse speed
rawMouseAccelerationEnable - Enable acceleration for raw mouse input
rawMouseEnable - Enable raw mouse input
rawMouseRate - Raw mouse update rate
rawMouseResolution - Raw mouse resolution


NamePlateClassificationScale - Applied to the classification icon for nameplates.
nameplateClassResourceTopInset - The inset from the top (in screen percent) that nameplates are clamped to when class resources are being displayed on them.
nameplateGlobalScale - Applies global scaling to non-self nameplates, this is applied AFTER selected, min, and max scale.
NamePlateHorizontalScale - Applied to horizontal size of all nameplates.
nameplateLargeBottomInset - The inset from the bottom (in screen percent) that large nameplates are clamped to.
nameplateLargerScale - An additional scale modifier for important monsters.
nameplateLargeTopInset - The inset from the top (in screen percent) that large nameplates are clamped to.
nameplateMaxAlpha - The max alpha of nameplates.
nameplateMaxAlphaDistance - The distance from the camera that nameplates will reach their maximum alpha.
nameplateMaxDistance - The max distance to show nameplates.
NamePlateMaximumClassificationScale - This is the maximum effective scale of the classification icon for nameplates.
nameplateMaxScale - The max scale of nameplates.
nameplateMaxScaleDistance - The distance from the camera that nameplates will reach their maximum scale.
nameplateMinAlpha - The minimum alpha of nameplates.
nameplateMinAlphaDistance - The distance from the max distance that nameplates will reach their minimum alpha.
nameplateMinScale - The minimum scale of nameplates.
nameplateMinScaleDistance - The distance from the max distance that nameplates will reach their minimum scale.
nameplateMotion - Defines the movement/collision model for nameplates
nameplateMotionSpeed - Controls the rate at which nameplate animates into their target locations [0.0-1.0]
nameplateOccludedAlphaMult - Alpha multiplier of nameplates for occluded targets.
nameplateOtherAtBase - Position other nameplates at the base, rather than overhead
nameplateOtherBottomInset - The inset from the bottom (in screen percent) that the non-self nameplates are clamped to.
nameplateOtherTopInset - The inset from the top (in screen percent) that the non-self nameplates are clamped to.
nameplateOverlapH - Percentage amount for horizontal overlap of nameplates
nameplateOverlapV - Percentage amount for vertical overlap of nameplates
NameplatePersonalHideDelayAlpha - Determines the alpha of the personal nameplate after no visibility conditions are met (during the period of time specified by NameplatePersonalHideDelaySeconds).
NameplatePersonalHideDelaySeconds - Determines the length of time in seconds that the personal nameplate will be visible after no visibility conditions are met.
NameplatePersonalShowAlways - Determines if the the personal nameplate is always shown.
NameplatePersonalShowInCombat - Determines if the the personal nameplate is shown when you enter combat.
NameplatePersonalShowWithTarget - Determines if the personal nameplate is shown when selecting a target. 0 = targeting has no effect, 1 = show on hostile target, 2 = show on any target
nameplateResourceOnTarget - Nameplate class resource overlay mode. 0=self, 1=target
nameplateSelectedAlpha - The alpha of the selected nameplate.
nameplateSelectedScale - The scale of the selected nameplate.
nameplateSelfAlpha - The alpha of the self nameplate.
nameplateSelfBottomInset - The inset from the bottom (in screen percent) that the self nameplate is clamped to.
nameplateSelfScale - The scale of the self nameplate.
nameplateSelfTopInset - The inset from the top (in screen percent) that the self nameplate is clamped to.
nameplateShowEnemies - Show enemy nameplates
nameplateShowEnemyGuardians - Show enemy guardian nameplates
nameplateShowEnemyPets - Show enemy pet nameplates
nameplateShowEnemyTotems - Show enemy totem nameplates
nameplateShowFriendlyGuardians - Show friendly nameplates
nameplateShowFriendlyPets - Show friendly pet nameplates
nameplateShowFriendlyTotems - Show friendly totem nameplates
nameplateShowFriends - Show friendly nameplates
nameplateShowOnlyNames - Whether to hide the nameplate bars
nameplateTargetBehindMaxDistance - The max distance to show the target nameplate when the target is behind the camera.
nameplateTargetRadialPosition - When target is off screen, position its nameplate radially around sides and bottom. 1: Target Only. 2: All In Combat
NamePlateVerticalScale - Applied to vertical size of all nameplates.
ShowClassColorInFriendlyNameplate - use this to display the class color in friendly nameplate health bars
ShowClassColorInNameplate - use this to display the class color in enemy nameplate health bars
ShowNamePlateLoseAggroFlash - When enabled, if you are a tank role and lose aggro, the nameplate with briefly flash.
showVKeyCastbar - If the V key display is up for your current target, show the enemy cast bar with the target's health bar in the game field


UnitNameEnemyGuardianName - Toggle Enemy Guardian Names
UnitNameEnemyPetName - Toggle Enemy Pet Names
UnitNameEnemyPlayerName - Toggle Enemy Player Names
UnitNameEnemyTotemName - Toggle Enemy Totem Names
UnitNameFriendlyGuardianName - Toggle Friendly Guardian Names
UnitNameFriendlyPetName - Toggle Friendly Pet Names
UnitNameFriendlyPlayerName - Toggle Friendly Player Names
UnitNameFriendlySpecialNPCName - Toggle Friendly Special NPC Names (?)
UnitNameFriendlyTotemName - Toggle Friendly Totem Names
UnitNameGuildTitle - Toggle Guild Titles in Player Names
UnitNameNonCombatCreatureName - Toggle Non-Combat Creature Names
UnitNameNPC - Toggle NPC Name
UnitNameOwn - Toggle Own Name
UnitNamePlayerGuild - Toggle Guild Tags
UnitNamePlayerPVPTitle - Toggle Titles


disableServerNagle - Disable server-side nagle algorithm
portal - Name of portal to use
serverAlert - Get the glue-string tag for the URL
useIPv6 - Enable the usage of IPv6 sockets


These are only available on the Public Test Realm.

agentLogLevel - Logging level for agent (0, 1, 2)
debugAllocSingleBlade - At startup only, choose a single blade such as a CSI peer to have debug allocators
debugAllocTrackStacktrace - Whether to track the stacktrace for each debug allocation
debugLog2 - CVar for debugging
ErrorFileLog - xxx
useDebugAllocators - Should we use debug allocators (level: 0, 1, 2)


ChatAmbienceVolume - Ambience Volume (0.0 to 1.0)
ChatMusicVolume - Music volume (0.0 to 1.0)
ChatSoundVolume - Sound volume (0.0 to 1.0)
FootstepSounds - play footstep sounds
SoundPerf_VariationCap - Limit sound kit variations to cut down on memory usage and disk thrashing on 32-bit machines
Sound_AllyPlayerHighpassDSPCutoff - The cutoff value to use for the Highpass filter on the Ally Player bus (default 80 Hz)
Sound_AlternateListener - When enabled, calculates listener forward by simply using the camera's yaw value, instead of a vector from camera position to listener position
Sound_AmbienceHighpassDSPCutoff - The cutoff value to use for the Highpass filter on the Ambience bus (default 100 Hz)
Sound_DialogVolume - Dialog Volume (0.0 to 1.0)
Sound_DSPBufferSize - sound buffer size, default 0
Sound_EnableAllSound - Enables All Sound
Sound_EnableArmorFoleySoundForOthers - Enables armor damage sounds for NPCs and other PCs
Sound_EnableArmorFoleySoundForSelf - Enables armor damage sounds for player
Sound_EnableEmoteSounds - Enables emote voices
Sound_EnableErrorSpeech - error speech
Sound_EnableMixMode2 - test
Sound_EnableMusic - Enables Music
Sound_EnablePetBattleMusic - Enables music in pet battles
Sound_EnablePetSounds - Enables pet sounds
Sound_EnablePositionalLowPassFilter - Environmental effect to make sounds duller behind you or far away
Sound_EnableSFX - Enables SoundFX
Sound_EnableSoundWhenGameIsInBG - Enable Sound When Game Is In Background
Sound_EnemyPlayerHighpassDSPCutoff - The cutoff value to use for the Highpass filter on the Enemy Player bus (default 80 Hz)
Sound_ListenerAtCharacter - lock listener at character
Sound_MasterVolume - master volume (0.0 to 1.0)
Sound_MaxCacheableSizeInBytes - Max sound size that will be cached, larger files will be streamed instead
Sound_MaxCacheSizeInBytes - Max cache size in bytes
Sound_NPCHighpassDSPCutoff - The cutoff value to use for the Highpass filter on the NPC bus (default 80 Hz)
Sound_NumChannels - number of sound channels
Sound_OutputDriverIndex - Audio Device Selected
Sound_OutputSampleRate - output sample rate
Sound_SFXVolume - sound volume (0.0 to 1.0)

Voice Chat

autojoinBGVoice - Automatically join the voice session in battleground chat
autojoinPartyVoice - Automatically join the voice session in party/raid chat
PushToTalkSound - Play a sound when voice recording activates and deactivates
Sound_VoiceChatInputDriverIndex - Device for voice input (Microphone)
Sound_VoiceChatOutputDriverIndex - Device for voice output (Headset or secondary speakers)
VoiceChatMasterVolumeScale - Voice Chat audio ducking, applied as a scale to the game's master volume when somebody is speaking in voice chat
VoiceCommunicationMode - Which communication mode to use for voice chat: push-to-talk, open mic, etc...
VoiceEnableWhenGameIsInBG - Enable Voice Chat when game is in background
VoiceInputDevice - Which deviceID you would like to use to pick up the sound of your wonderful voice, usually a microphone of some kind, empty string is system default
VoiceInputVolume - The gain applied to your microphone, helps change your speaking volume from other users' perspectives, larger values are louder.
VoiceOutputDevice - Which deviceID you would like to use to transmit the sound of other users' wonderful voices, usually a speakers of some kind, empty string is system default
VoiceOutputVolume - The volume of incoming voice chat, how loud other users' voices sound
VoicePushToTalkKeybind - Push to talk key
VoiceSelfDeafened - Voice Chat Self Deafened
VoiceSelfMuted - Voice Chat Self Muted
VoiceVADSensitivity - How sensitive voice activity detection is. Value ranges from 0 to 100, smaller values will transmit at a lower noise threshold.


checkAddonVersion - Disable loading of out-of-date addons
ClientCastDebug - debug client cast allocation
disableAutoRealmSelect - Disable automatically selecting a realm on login
enableRuneSpentAnim - Adjust the time the rune fades after it flashes when you spend it
gameTip - Determine which Loading Screen tip will display next (increments per character Login)
initialRealmListTimeout - How long to wait for the initial realm list before failing login (in seconds)
lastCharacterIndex - Number of last character that was used for logging in (initial selection for character screen)
locale - Set the game locale
MaxObservedPetBattles - Maximum number of observed pet battles
PreemptiveCastEnable - Enable preemptive triggering of cast visuals based on spell release timing
PreventOsIdleSleep - Enable this to prevent the computer from idle sleeping while the game is running
simd - Enable SIMD features (e.g. SSE)
synchronizeBindings - Toggles the saving of key bindings to the server
synchronizeConfig - Toggles the saving of CVars to the server
synchronizeMacros - Toggles the saving of macros to the server
synchronizeSettings - Whether client settings should be stored on the server
timingMethod - Desired method for game timing
timingTestError - Error reported by the timing validation system
webChallengeURLTimeout - How long to wait for the web challenge URL (in seconds). 0 means wait forever.

Unit Frames

ActionButtonUseKeyDown - Activate the action button on a keydown
activeCUFProfile - The last active CUF Profile.
alwaysShowActionBars - Whether to always show the action bar grid
buffDurations - Whether to show buff durations
doNotFlashLowHealthWarning - Do not flash your screen red when you are low on health.
fullSizeFocusFrame - Increases the size of the focus frame to that of the target frame
lockActionBars - Whether the action bars should be locked, preventing changes
noBuffDebuffFilterOnTarget - Do not filter buffs or debuffs at all on targets
partyBackgroundOpacity - The opacity of the party background
predictedHealth - Whether or not to use predicted health values in the UI
pvpSelectedRoles - Stores what roles the player will fulfill in a BG.
raidFramesDisplayAggroHighlight - Whether to display aggro highlights on Raid Frames
raidFramesDisplayClassColor - Colors raid frames with the class color
raidFramesDisplayOnlyDispellableDebuffs - Whether to display only dispellable debuffs on Raid Frames
raidFramesDisplayPowerBars - Whether to display mana, rage, etc. on Raid Frames
raidFramesHealthText - How to display health text on the raid frames
raidFramesHeight - The height of the individual raid frames
raidFramesPosition - Where the raid frames should be placed
raidFramesWidth - The width of the individual raid frames
raidOptionDisplayMainTankAndAssist - Whether to display main tank and main assist units in the raid frames
raidOptionDisplayPets - Whether to display pets on the raid frames
raidOptionIsShown - Whether the Raid Frames are shown
raidOptionKeepGroupsTogether - The way to group raid frames
raidOptionLocked - Whether the raid frames are locked
raidOptionShowBorders - Displays borders around the raid frames.
raidOptionSortMode - The way to sort raid frames
runeFadeTime - Adjust the time the rune fades from on CD to ready
runeSpentFadeTime - Adjust the time the base rune takes to fade out after the rune flash fades out
runeSpentFlashTime - Adjust the time the rune flash takes to fade out
showArenaEnemyCastbar - Show the spell enemies are casting on the Arena Enemy frames
showArenaEnemyFrames - Show arena enemy frames while in an Arena
showArenaEnemyPets - Show the enemy team's pets on the ArenaEnemy frames
showBuilderFeedback - Show animation when building power for builder/spender bar
showCastableBuffs - Show only Buffs the player can cast. Only applies to raids.
showDispelDebuffs - Show only Debuffs that the player can dispel. Only applies to raids.
showHonorAsExperience - Show the honor bar as a regular experience bar in place of rep
showPartyBackground - Show a background behind party members
showPartyPets - Whether to show pets in the party UI
showSpenderFeedback - Show animation when spending power for builder/spender bar
showTargetCastbar - Show the spell your current target is casting
showTargetOfTarget - Whether the target of target frame should be shown
statusText - Whether the status bars show numeric health/mana values
statusTextDisplay - Whether numeric health/mana values are shown as raw values or percentages, or both
threatPlaySounds - Whether or not to sounds when certain threat transitions occur
threatShowNumeric - Whether or not to show numeric threat on the target and focus frames
threatWarning - Whether or not to show threat warning UI (0 = off, 1 = in dungeons, 2 = in party/raid, 3 = always)
useCompactPartyFrames - Use the new raid frames for parties
xpBarText - Whether the XP bar shows the numeric experience value

Classic Specific CVars

WoW Icon update.png See Console variables/Complete list/Classic for a full list.

alwaysShowBlizzardGroupsTab - Always show the Groups tab in the Social Frame, even when the player is not in a Group.
clampTargetNameplateToScreen - Clamps the target's nameplate to the edges of the screen, even if the target is off-screen.
ColorNameplateNameBySelection - Color the unit names above nameplates based on the unit.
groundEffectAnimation - Ground effect animation
hideOutdoorWorldState - Whether to hide outdoor zone objectives.
instantQuestText - Whether to instantly show quest text instead of fading it in.
minimumAutomaticUiScale - When to stop automatically scaling the UI down based on higher resolution. Only applied when useUIScale is 0. Classic used 0.9 for this value. Mainline uses 0.64, the same as the hard cap on scaling.
nameplateNotSelectedAlpha - When you have a target, the alpha of other units' nameplates (not used if value is negative).
nameplateRemovalAnimation - When enabled, nameplates will play a brief shrinking animation when disappearing.
RAIDgroundEffectAnimation - Raid Ground effect animation
showKeyring - Show the keyring button
showLoadingScreenTips - Show loading screen tooltips
showLootSpam - Whether to show full loot rolls in chat.
showNewbieTips - Show extra explanations in tooltips.



Note: These are commands that only affect the drop down menu when WoW is started with the -console argument.
AppendLogToFile - [filename = ConsoleLogs/Log<Timestamp>.txt] [numLines = all]
bgcolor - [alpha 0-255] [Red 0-255] [Green 0-255] [Blue 0-255]
clear - Clears the console buffer
closeconsole - Closes the Console window
consolelines - [number] number of lines to show in the console
default - Resets all the font and console settings
font - [fontname] make sure to use the .ttf file name
fontcolor - [ColorClassName] [Red 0-255] [Green 0-255] [Blue 0-255]
fontsize - [10-50] arbitrary font size
help - Provides help information about a command.
highlightcolor - [alpha 0-255] [Red 0-255] [Green 0-255] [Blue 0-255]
linecount - [float] specifies console height, in lines
proportionaltext - Toggles fixed-width text characters
repeat - Repeats a command
settings - Shows current font and console settings
spacing - [float] specifies inter-character spacing, in pixels


fstack_preferParentKeys - 0: Prefer Global Names, 1: Prefer ParentKeys (Default).
physEnableVegOverrides - Toggles physics vegetation cvars for tuning vegetation physics simulation etc.
physVegMinPushDist - Squared distance the unit must be within from the bone to begin pushing it.
physVegPosMaxPush - Maximum distance in yards a bone can be pushed from its base position before being clamped.
physVegPosPushAmt - Distance per frame in yards the bone is pushed while a unit moves along the push direction, scaled by delta time.
physVegPosRelaxSpeed - Speed at which the bone will return to rest once the unit leaves the volume, or crosses the max push threshold.
physVegVelMaxPush - Max distance the bone can be pushed additionally when a unit has velocity while moving in the veg, pushed along the units vel direction.
physVegVelSpeed - Speed at which the bone moves along the velocity direction when a unit has move while within the veg.
whois - Ask the server to do an account/real name lookup on a character name


ObjUsage - Displays the Object manager list status (Only works in the Console)
UpdatePOI - Updates Quest POI from User Server


DefragmentGPU - Defragment suballocated GPU resources
reloadUI - Reloads the user interface


These are only available on the Public Test Realm.

memTypeUsage - Shows memory usage by category


cvar_default - Set the value of a CVar to its coded default value
cvar_reset - Set the value of a CVar to its startup value
cvarlist - List CVars
set - Set the value of a CVar
ver - Displays build number and build date


Please see Category:Removed console variables for the deprecated/removed cvars.